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Google at RTP?

Jason Caplain: Rumor is that Google could be announcing that they are opening up an office in Research Triangle Park, NC. [via Marketing Pilgrim]

Google in RTP?

Is Google opening up operations in RTP? Maybe, according to Marketing Pilgrim. (via Sam Ruby)...... [more]

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And there I thought that Mark Pilgrim was weblogging again. O well.

Posted by Anne van Kesteren at


By the looks of that domain, I was thinking the same thing.  (Sigh)

Posted by Scott Johnson at

I, too, made the wrong assumption (or was it wishful thinking?) of MarketingPilgrim => Mark Pilgrim

Even worse, I’m actually 0 for 2 as I also assumed “Scott Johnson” must be the feedster guy :-)

if only more people had relatively unique names...

Posted by Luke Hutteman at

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