It’s just data

Where's your Google?

Yesterday, my daughter came to my all distraught.  “Where’s your laptop?”, she asked me.  I told her where it was, and she quickly fetched it.

It seems that one of her friends had discovered a picture of one of her parents on Google’s image search, and when my daughter had gone there searching for her parents, she was aghast at what she found.  Two images in particular bothered her, this ("you’re gonna get killed!"), and this (to which she was absolutely speechless).

Next she inquired as to whether I could sue to get these pictures taken down, and puzzled by the fact that no only was I unconcerned, I know who did it and have not done a thing about it.

In the midst of all this, I did get a rare glimpse of her perspective of the online world.  It came as she was excitedly fumbling with my laptop — not being familiar with Ubuntu — trying to find a way to launch a browser.  She apparently doesn’t know of it by that term, nor does she tend to refer to it by its product name (“Firefox”) instead she turned to me and asked:

Where’s your Google?