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Where's your Google?

Yesterday, my daughter came to my all distraught.  “Where’s your laptop?”, she asked me.  I told her where it was, and she quickly fetched it.

It seems that one of her friends had discovered a picture of one of her parents on Google’s image search, and when my daughter had gone there searching for her parents, she was aghast at what she found.  Two images in particular bothered her, this ("you’re gonna get killed!"), and this (to which she was absolutely speechless).

Next she inquired as to whether I could sue to get these pictures taken down, and puzzled by the fact that no only was I unconcerned, I know who did it and have not done a thing about it.

In the midst of all this, I did get a rare glimpse of her perspective of the online world.  It came as she was excitedly fumbling with my laptop — not being familiar with Ubuntu — trying to find a way to launch a browser.  She apparently doesn’t know of it by that term, nor does she tend to refer to it by its product name (“Firefox”) instead she turned to me and asked:

Where’s your Google?

Where’s your Google?

Hey! I just want to make it clear that while I may have come up with the joke in collaboration with Mr Cal Henderson, I didn’t do any of the pictures! I would have made them look MUCH COOLER. I’m a designer, you know. Mr Henderson must take all the credit for that, and for registering the pages in question. BTW - have you seen this: Scooby on Rael. It’s very very strange!

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Where’s your Google?

My daughter says the same thing.

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Blogroll keyboard shortcuts

A couple of people have emailed to ask why I added (Alt+B) and a couple of other keyboard shortcuts to my sidebar. They’re a friendly accessibility feature for people browing via text-only browsers, like good old lynx, and mobile phones (which a...

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Where’s your Google?

A girl from my class did some sort of tech support today (for a relative, I assume): “Don’t you see that big E? That’s the Internet!”

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Where’s your Google?

No matter how many times I reinforce that “Firefox” is a “web browser for viewing the internet”, my mother always shoots me a confused look (or sound) when I am helping her and ask that she ‘open your web browser’.

Terminology is only half the battle - no doubt I could simplify my speech further. I think the experience of seeing Google (I made this her start page after getting tired of her believing that “The Bank” (her former start page) was the software she was running when clicking on the furry fox.

Now, my mother is convinced “Google” is the internet. I suppose she’s partly right there.

Maybe the right thing to do is set all start pages to be the browser’s blank page.

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Jason Shellen : Where’s your Google? - Wherein, Google = web...

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Cuteness on the intarweb: Sam Ruby's daughter disc...

Cuteness on the intarweb: Sam Ruby’s daughter discovers Ruby on Rael (

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Where’s your Google?

The thing they almost allways do is type a URL in the Google search box.

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Where’s your Google?

It’s not that others are wrong or misinformed. Our language is different from others. The problem is that ‘we’ build things for ‘them’ to use.

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Where is your Google?

Sam Ruby tells funny story. Asking where is your Google while having the browser in mind is funny... how far is the point when our kids will ask ‘how can I connect the Googlenet?’. ;-)...... [more]

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Sam Ruby: Where's your Google?


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Sam Ruby: Where's your Google?

Sam Ruby: Where’s your Google?—“It seems that one of her friends had discovered a picture of one of her parents on Google’s image search, and when my daughter had gone there searching for her parents, she was aghast at what she found.”...

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Sam Ruby: Where’s your Google?...

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Thanksgiving Birthday

The red-blooded ubersexual: ..The metrosexual grooms his hair but the ubersexual grooms his mind.. Thanksgiving: ..Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November, which this year (2005) is November 24th.. My birthday this...

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Where’s your Google?

Good story.
My 4 year old son, after seeing me proudly wear that FireFox T-shirt for a few years, he asks, in french: “Ou est le renard de feu?” (where is the firefox?)
But I guess my wardrobe is going to expand soon though:-)

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Where’s your Google?

My kids used to call it Mozilla, but now they call it Firefox. (I upgraded them from OS 9 to OS X.)

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Where’s your Google?

Maybe the right thing to do is set all start pages to be the browser’s blank page.

I’ve never had anything else in any of my browsers after I found out how that was possible. With saved sessions in Opera I have absolutely no need for a start page either. Ever.

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The Paywall Came Down

In further journalism news, the Times finally got a clue: Times to Stop Charging for Parts of Its Web Site The quotes here speak volumes: What changed, The Times said, was that many more readers started coming to the site from search engines and...

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Where’s your Google?

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Where’s your Google?

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Where’s your Google?

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