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Testing FeedTools Dynamically

In the spirit of this, and based on this from the Universal Feed Parser, I created this for FeedTools.

The tests generated by xmlfile_test.rb depend on a simple mock cache of files, served locally.  No matter how fast your network connection is, your local hard drive is faster.  FeedTools should be able to comfortably run a test suite the size of Feed Parser’s in less time that it currently takes to run its existing test suite.

With these two files in place, FeedTools can directly make use of the vast suite of Feed Parser tests.  In fact, these tests already pass.

My hope is twofold: to accelerate the completion of FeedTools by dramatically increasing the test case coverage, and secondarily to spark a discussion as to what a common API should look like, if for no other reason than to enable FeedTools to leverage the excellent documentation provided with Feed Parser.

Patch submitted.