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"Just" use XML

My proposal got accepted for the 2005 XML Conference - Thursday, November 17th in Atlanta.  Should be fun.

“Just” use XML

Just “remember” to share 'em slides in public and give us a link to it, too.

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“Just” use XML

Ah yes, it’s about time someone tries to make people aware of the shortcomings and mis/abuse of xml.

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“Just” use XML

Yeah, because it has never been covered before.

Seriously though, sounds like a fun presentation.  Sorry I’ll miss it; I look forward to the slides.

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Sam Ruby: "Just" use XML


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The myth of the Binary Key

I don’t know where this myth began, but I have seen enough reference to it at this point that I think it’s time to call it out directly. There is no such thing as a binary key that you need to unlock the Microsoft Office XML formats. They are just...

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Sam Ruby: “Just” use XML...

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