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Do you Sudoku?

My 17 year old son turned me onto this.

Warning: it can be addictive.

try a Samurai Sudoku

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Su Doku is clearly a denial of service attack on the collective intelligence of the human race.

I recommand you cure yourself by writing a program to solve them for you. Its pretty easy, I did it in less time than it took my wife to solve the puzzle I then solved with it.

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Just say “No”.

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My wife discovered Sudoku (well if you can call it discovered when every square inch of the UK is covered with them (1) ) and now our life seems to revolve around them.  She’s been busy writing a solver for the past few days, and she’s pretty much there - I dread to think what’ll be next. I can still sort of remember what she looks like ...

If you have any sort of programming or logic based background - stay well clear, this will keep you occupied longer than the instructions on a bottle of shampoo(2).

1 A slight exaggeration, but if you don’t find at least 2 in any daily paper something is seriously wrong.
2 Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

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Aha, Su-doku is great. I used to do (sure, addicted) it in my high school days — it’d taken me to Todai ([link]) — :-)

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Sam Ruby: Do you Sudoku?


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Web Sudoku Arrow Keys

I just noticed Sam’s link to the Web Sudoku web site where you can play Sudoku puzzles online. My wife and I like to solve these togethers (yeah, we’re both nerds) so it looks like this site will provide hours of entertainment for the...

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yeah, it’s been pretty big here in the UK for the past year or so. Whilst it’s trivial to write a program to solve and generate puzzles, I think what’s tricky is having generated a puzzle, getting a realistic idea of how difficult it is for a human to solve. Krazydad has generated loads of puzzles as PDF files, here

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I got bitten by the bug and wrote a simple sudoku engine that creates puzzles meant for printing, you’ll find it at

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links for 2005-09-26

Sam Ruby: Do you Sudoku? (tags: !productivity puzzle) Sudoku Susser 2.0 (tags: !productivity puzzle cheat) Upload progress demo This could easily convince me to try Rails. (tags: rubyonrails ajax demo) Dojo "An Open Source toolkit that allows you...

Excerpt from Full Speed at


Sam Ruby just had a post about Web Soduku a nifty sort of number crossword game that seems to be quite popular these days....

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I’m posting daily KILLER Sudokus on my Sudoku blog. I’ve also posting one Samurai Sudoku and there’s yet more to come!



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Al lot of all kinds of free sudokus are available at:


Enjoy your stay and write your comments in our sudoku forums.


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All the world seems to be crazy about sudoku. I wonder if there are any people with another opinion. Nevertheless i like Sudoku very much as well!

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Check out these t-shirts, etc. featuring Sudoku! I found this will surfing, thought some of you would like to get a shirt. I got one!

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Checkout It’s a new website where you can find lots of sudokus in pdf format, and also you can play online. There is also Magic Sudokus. This site rocks!

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Sam Ruby: Do (Suduko) you Sudoku?

Sam Ruby: Do you Sudoku? Sam Ruby just had a post about Web Soduku a nifty sort of number crossword game that seems to be quite popular these day......

Excerpt from Suduko Fun and Games at Blog Soduku solver (Soduku) Blog Soduku solver Soduku (Sudoku) is a Japanese number puzzle game that seems to be taking the world by storm. It s played on......

Excerpt from Suduko Fun and Games at

Not Sudoku, Fillomino (!!) will take the world by storm!

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There’s a good online sudoku site at Fiendish Sudoku.

It has new puzzles every day at five difficulty levels, and an archive of hundreds of puzzles. All the puzzle designs are hand-made, not random computer generated.

Fiendish Sudoku can provide hints and step-by-step solutions. It has a choice of grid sizes and several printing options.


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I’ve just launched a samurai sudoku site at Samurai Sudoku.

It’s the first free samuari sudoku solver on the web, as far as I’m aware. I post a new samurai puzzle each day. You can either use the online solving grid and take advantage of pencilmarks, hints and step-by-step solutions, or you can print the puzzle out at one of several grid sizes.

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I just put this site up a few days ago, Check it out and let me know what you all think.  You should be able to play online shortly. Check It out, [link]

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SUDOKU EXCEL to download free at [link]
“Computer Aided Sudoku Excel” (free use) includes :
- generator helper solver
- SURPRISES when sudoku solved without help
- HISTORIC table records all the plays. Partial replay.
- CLINIC where you can analyse the Sudoku
Enjoy to play on your own computer

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A great listing of sudoku books is at
I travel a lot on business, and sudoku is great for airports, planes, etc..

You can view books by skill level, popularity, etc.  It’s pretty useful!

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