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Atom 0.3 Deprecated

By my read, today is August 46th or thereabouts, which I guess qualifies as early August, so I’ve gone ahead and made the Feed Validator issue deprecation warnings whenever it encounters Atom 0.3 feeds (example).  No other code changes were made.  Feeds that worked yesterday with any given combination of tools should work exactly the same way today. 

Hopefully, this will slow down the rate at which new Atom 0.3 feeds are being created, and will ultimately encourage producers to upgrade to the IETF standard.  More information can be found on, including a link to a helpful article on Moving from Atom 0.3 to 1.0

From here on out, changes to the Feed Validator will be made with wanton disregard to the impact of validation of Atom 0.3 feeds.  By the end of the year, the plan is still to remove support for Atom 0.3 entirely.

Glad to see the Ophelia doesn’t seem to be impacting you too badly.

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Buggy Google Blog Feeds

So Google has blog search. Summary: It’s fast, it’s reasonably complete, it’s stripped-down in the typical Google style, the result ranking needs work, the time window is way too deep. They’re also providing feeds, which is good, but the feeds are...

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This makes me appreciate my choice to use FeedBurner that much more.  It is nice to know that my feed is being served as Atom if requested without the need for me to maintain the latest version.

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Donald Knuth vs. the W3C HTML Validator

... [more]

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Sam Ruby: Atom 0.3 Deprecated


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Switching to Atom 1.0

I switched to Atom 1.0 and dumped my Atom 0.3 feeds....

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If Atom 0.3 support is deprecated, does that mean Atom 1.0 support is out of beta?

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Robert, this is the Internet, the land where betas last forever, and all feed formats are above average.

More seriously, yes, while there are a few unimplemented tests and undoubtedly are some bugs in outlying areas, we are well beyond the point where I expect that there are large classes of valid feeds being marked invalid or invalid feeds being marked valid.

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You just won over another I-am-disgruntled-with-Winer user in favor of ATOM.

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Yes, I said here:


I’m in crow eating mode about this :)

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Atom 1.0 Compliant!

Given that Atom 0.3 is now deprecated, I’ve finally gotten around to creating an Atom 1.0 feed for this blog. Yay! MovableType users might be interested in my Atom 1.0 template. Just replace “Josh Staiger” inside the rights element of the feed with...

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skippy on "Atom - This feed is an obsolete version?"

The feed validator has officially deprecated Atom 0.3 feeds, since Atom 1.0 is almost an official standard....

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Je maintenais jusqu’à présent un fil de nouvelles au format Atom 0.3, bien que celui-ci soit deprecated depuis quelques temps déjà. La raison principale était le mauvais support du format officiel Atom 1.0 dans certains lecteurs de nouvelles, dont...

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"Atom Publishing Protocol" and "Atom API": not synonyms

Back in 2003 there was a lot of buzz surrounding the (then new) Atom syndication format and its sister, the Atom API. Mark Pilgrim published an article about the API on, it was implemented in some high-profile applications (including...

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