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Next month, I will be presenting at FOSSSL '05 in Colombo, Sri Lanka; first a keynote on Friday entitled The Case for Dynamic Languages, then a tutorial on Saturday entitled Riding Ruby-On-Rails.

So, do people ever think that means the language was named after you? :-)

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Ruby on Ruby-On-Rails

Sam Ruby: “Next month, I will be presenting at FOSSSL '05 in Colombo, Sri Lanka... a tutorial on Saturday entitled Riding Ruby-On-Rails.” I think I hear more about Ruby-On-Rails these days than any other development tool/platform. Even...

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Ok, holy cow. Lucky!

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Cool! Be sure and get down the coast a bit, and if you can up into the hills, very different climates/environments. And you must try curd and trickle. Calm Buddhist temples. Mad Hindu temples. Tea. Elephants. Arthur C. Clarke. Etc.

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s/trickle/treacle/ .. definitely good stuff :).

We’re organizing for Sam to see elephants ([link]) and Sigiriya ([link]) .. unfortunately that’s all his schedule allows.


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I’m taking my girlfriend to Sri Lanka

Ruby, apparently. So yeah, I got confirmation. I will be speaking on Ruby at FOSSSL. My talk will most probably follow Sam Ruby’s. I’m flying Thursday night, and back Monday morning. Should be fun....

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The Case for Dynamic Languages, by Sam Ruby

The Case for Dynamic Languages, slides from Sam Ruby’s keynote at FOSSSL, via Sam Ruby....

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The Case for Dynamic Languages (Sam Ruby's slides)

... rediscovering Smalltalk one decade at a time....

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"Kind of functional style"

Brian McAllister commented on my last post, and basically agreed with me that it‘s not easy to talk about this technique, due to the labelling problem. Brian‘s variant is to call it a “kind of functional style“, but notes...

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My talk, and other things in Sri Lanka

I didn’t know Sam’s talk would cover some Ruby. Anyway, I did more like a hands-on thingie, and since many things didn’t overlap, things were good. I tried to demonstrate things that are different and fun in Ruby. Saying...

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Phew... Did we pull it off?

After months of going to planning meetings and running around organizing “The biggest FOSS conference”, ever in SL, well the FOSS week has finally come to end today. Hopefully we can now sleep a bit longer and breath a little easier. I’m not going...

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“Reinventing Smalltalk, one decade at a Time”

Sam posts the slides from his “The Case For Dynamic Languages” keynote at FOSSSL....

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Sam Ruby's Case for Dynamic Languages

Sam Ruby gave a keynote at FOSSSL on The Case for Dynamic Languages. He details the past to the present, and then shows why he thinks this is all good :) He happens to use Ruby as the scripting language ;) A lot of the ideas come from Jim Weirich’s...

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Reinventing Smalltalk, one decade at a time

An interesting presentation from Sam Ruby: “Reinventing Smalltalk, one decade at a time”...

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“Just” Use XML

Slides from today’s presentation. I experienced serious technical difficulties when giving this presentation.  I was under the mis-impression that my talk was at 2:45 when it in fact was scheduled for 2:00.  So, I was in the midst of preparing m... [more]

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