It’s just data


Phil Ringnalda: If you are interested in and concerned about how Apple products produce and consume RSS, in Safari or iTunes or Garageband or the Chapter Tool, you now have an opportunity and a responsibility: get on the list (and please, be nice: remember, this is Apple, not Microsoft ;)).

Like Phil, I am very pleased to see this occurring.  I’ve already updated a test case, added another, and made the change to the validator, though it will be a several hours before these changes are online and everything is online now!

I’ve also asked my next question.

Since Phil mentioned Microsoft, I’m kinda hoping that whatever Gnomedex did to them eventually wears off.  Creating a blog and a wiki is nice, but somebody needs to come in and clean out the cobwebs.

/me whispers “ Scoble” in the hopes that in doing so, this post gets noticed.

Update: the fix is now online!