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Podcasting Spec Iterations Ahead

Tantek Çelik: Kevin and I volunteered to help out with iterations on the spec. Kevin knows a thing or two about RSS and podcasting, and I know a thing or two about spec-writing.


Here’s a few more specific questions.  In particular, don’t miss this one.

I’d also suggest that you investigate the state of common practice at the moment, for example, Disney, ESPN, CNN and NewsWeek.

Finally, I’d like to make the same offer that I made to the RSS Media team.  Ideally, the test cases and the specifications could be developed together.

This is history unfolding and I can see it with my very own eyes. I feel special.

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Standards and Integration, a ramble

Personally, I usually think that the tech industry has gotten a little too “standards happy”. Moreover, I think that good standards need “extension points” that ensure extended capabillity without sacrificing compatibility. J2EE has a good and bad...

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Slammin' the iTunes XML parser

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Sam Ruby: Podcasting Spec Iterations Ahead


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