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Open Media Standards

David Hall: Just like you, we don’t want 10 different proposals floating around that you have to add to your feeds in order to satisfy Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Google, AOL, my aunt Edna, etc etc. To be short, Yahoo “gets it”. As far as we are concerned, we’d drop Media RSS entirely if something else provided the functionality that was required for true efficient media syndication.

I’m highly confident that any number of standards bodies would be quite willing to get involved in the creation of such a specification.

Squawkbox: Corporate Use of MSN Spaces-- check out CNBC. Rant alert

Who’d a thunk it - a corporate blog on MSN Spaces. Check this out. Big problems a gwan though. The CNBC site does a horrible job of supporting Firefox. No pictures and so on. No buttons. Please stop the...... [more]

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The process on Yahoo!'s list worked pretty well with them acting as editors and deciding on rough consensus. David & co. did a good job of being open and community-driven, IMHO. The end result is quite interesting in itself. Although it’s primarily designed for RSS 2.0, it’s fairly uniform and translation to Atom or RDF would be pretty trivial. I think that shows they were listening to people’s requirements beyond their own company’s immediate requirements.

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Danny, my concern is that this excellent work is likely to be ignored by Apple, Disney, and others.

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Standards bodies or open marketplace

One of the things I’ve kept my mouth shut on - is the proecess of how standards evolve. Unelss it’s not completely obvious - I am of the opinion that ONLY the marketplace matters. Did Flash or Director ever become a ‘standards body condoned’ standard? Would you consider Flash a standard? I’d say so - though a debate would erupt as to what happens when slimeballs CONTROL your standard. But regardless - Flash is a standard and it was never condoned, supported or acknowledged by any standards body. Same thind with RSS. So it’s a fairly comntroversial subject to bring...... [more]

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Efter mitt byte av efternamn har jag ett namn som är ovanligare i Sverige. Men istället har jag ett namn som är betydligt vanligare internationellt. Man får med andra ord vänja sig vid att för ögonblicket bli förvirrad när någon namnes namn skymtar...

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