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Open Office Wars, Part 5

Tim Bray: If those docs/spreadsheets/presos might be long-lived, or contain high-value data that you might want to re-use later, and you don’t use OpenDocument, well there’s a word for that but I’m not going to put it up on the front page at ongoing.

I will note in passing that OpenDocument is the default file format for OpenOffice 2.0, currently in beta.  It apparently is not compatible with the OpenOffice 1.x formats.

Earlier I wrote parts 1, 2, 3, 4.  Time for an update.

Complaints on OpenOffice at the time?  XML Schema, and extensibility.  Let’s see how they fared.


From the standard:

1.1 Introduction

This document defines an XML Schema for office applications and semantics.


1.4 Relax-NG Schema

The schema language used within this specification is Relax-NG

Given that the IETF AtomPub working group has taken the same approach, I guess I can’t complain too much.  ☺

Full points awarded here.


Again, from the standard:

1.5 Document Processing and Conformance

Documents that conform to the OpenDocument specification MAY contain elements and attributes not specified within the OpenDocument schema.  Such elements and attributes must not be part of a namespace that is defined within this specification and are called foreign elements and attributes.

Excellent!  Once again, full points awarded.


My “gripe” related to MS Office?  I cited the unwillingness to working with others to describe the semantics that PowerPoint 11 uses to capture a pie chart.

Some things never change.