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Blogging: 3 questions

Following Bob’s lead:

  1. Why did you begin blogging, and what motivates you to blog today?

    I started because I was spending too much time in email – saying the same things over, not being able to effectively point at and build upon prior conversations. I reasoned that if I was able to siphon off 5% of my emails and cc: world, I would be more productive.  If anything, I grossly underestimated the personal ROI that blogging provides me. I continue to blog because of the rich conversations and manufactured serendipity the medium provides.

  2. What tips can you offer to IBMers who want to start blogging or improve their existing blog?

    All you need are the IBM Business Conduct Guidelines and this advice from the cluetrain manifesto:

    • Relax
    • Have a sense of humor
    • Find your voice and use it
    • Tell the truth
    • Don’t panic
    • Enjoy yourself
    • Be brave
    • Be curious
    • Play more
    • Dream always
    • Listen up
    • Rap on

  3. What are three blogs that you try to read daily and why?

    I currently read 115 blogs daily.  This number goes up and down.  But the ones I value most aren’t in the Top 100 Technorati, but are in The Long Tail.  My favorites tend to be people who are actively involved in building Internet-related technologies. Yours probably would be different. I particularly like to read Ben Hyde, Phil Ringnalda, and Sean McGrath, as each write things that challenge my notions of how what we do interacts with the world.

Hopefully, the last more fully addresses Sean’s curiosity.