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David Heinemeier Hansson: Hey, Sam, there’s no reason to stay on the sideline watching. We got plenty of room in our pool of Radical Simplification to let both you and the rest of IBM dip in. It’s a party and a pursuit where everyone’s invited.

First question: is YARV still destined to become RITE?  It looks like development has stalled in recent weeks.

I’d like to start with the assembler.  Unfortunately, I don’t know Japanese.  The README points me to doc/yarvasm.rb for the yarv instruction assembler, but that file doesn’t exist.  Perhaps it meant rb/yasm.rb?

03/25/2005 Matz:

I have talked with Koichi Sasada, and he agreed to merge his YARV in the current interpreter.
I _hope_ YARV will be core engine before the end of this year.


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Sam Ruby: YARV?


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Yes, Sam.  Yasm.rb in an assembler which can write YARV instructions.  Sasada Koichi also has a complete instruction table available.  Further explanations (in both English and Japanese) can be found in the comment docs within the instruction source.

Perhaps he is a bit scared this month since everyone is calling him the prophesied son-shi now.  But since he is son-shi, nothing can stop him.

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Thanks!  That does help.  I’m finding that I’m still not picking this stuff up as fast as I was able to grok Parrot, but I’m confident that I will get there.

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Hi. Sorry for my slow work.
Now, I’m busy to write a paper about my major study (SMT Processor architecture and systems software).

I’ll re-start YARV development in May.
If you have any question, please send e-mail to yarv-devel.

Thank you.
(I found this page via google)

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[Ruby] YARV?

Pythonの偉い人で最近Parrotにも手を出しているSam Rubyが、 YARVに関心を持っているという話。 名前にかけたジョークが出るかと期待したが、そういうのはなかったみたい(期待するものが違います)。 これで、SamはPython, Perl(Parrot), Rubyの全部を制覇か。...

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Hey Sam i wanted to touch base about some things that came up at STG event. It would be good if you could ping me. See some comments on STG and open source componentry here:

I suggested some internal contacting, and i would like to give you a heads up

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