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Fault Tolerance

Tim Bray: It’s Not Dangerous


Crossing the street is dangerous.  Stepping into a bathtub is dangerous.  But both are worthwhile.  As is blogging — for many folks.

Blogging is putting a portion of your life into a fishbowl.  At times, you may find that you will be treated as an authority on a number of things that you are only peripherally involved with (e.g., v265 phones).  In return, any imperfections you may have will be blown way out of proportion.

Example: if you are prone to taking images associated with companies that you work with and inserting them into contexts such as a Nazi soldier’s hat or a dead soldier’s blood — well, then you certainly will get noticed.  Particularly if your boss’s mom is a holocaust survivor.

Unless you are both a masochist and independently wealthy, I have two pieces of advice:

Beyond that, have fun.  Take comfort in the fact that the mortality rate associated with bathtubs is higher than the mortality rate associated with blogging — for the moment at least.