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Fault Tolerance

Tim Bray: It’s Not Dangerous


Crossing the street is dangerous.  Stepping into a bathtub is dangerous.  But both are worthwhile.  As is blogging — for many folks.

Blogging is putting a portion of your life into a fishbowl.  At times, you may find that you will be treated as an authority on a number of things that you are only peripherally involved with (e.g., v265 phones).  In return, any imperfections you may have will be blown way out of proportion.

Example: if you are prone to taking images associated with companies that you work with and inserting them into contexts such as a Nazi soldier’s hat or a dead soldier’s blood — well, then you certainly will get noticed.  Particularly if your boss’s mom is a holocaust survivor.

Unless you are both a masochist and independently wealthy, I have two pieces of advice:

Beyond that, have fun.  Take comfort in the fact that the mortality rate associated with bathtubs is higher than the mortality rate associated with blogging — for the moment at least.

Blogging good

Tim Bray: 10 reasons blogging is good for your career. Sam Ruby offers an amendment....

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Right on, Sam.

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I won't get fired for blogging

That’s the nice thing about working for yourself. Tim call BS on the press, and Sam calls partial BS on Tim. Some folks don’t know that Tim and Sam and I work together, which makes all of this much more fun. FWIW, my other co-chair has a pretty...

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Nobody has ever been fired for blogging

Those of us who care a lot about blogs are having to do a lot of work to get the truth out there about the relationship between blogs and employment. Tim Bray gives us an outstanding look at Ten Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Career, and Sam...

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Simple pleasures

My simple pleasures: I like flowers whether feminine fiery or first I like hands in the dirt knees on the ground planting and digging in the soil inside me I like hot baths and vanilla bubbles pillows and thick blankets......

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[TrackBack] Sam Ruby: Fault Tolerance

Bullshit. Crossing the street is dangerous. Stepping into a bathtub is dangerous. But both are worthwhile. As is blogging — for many folks. Blogging is putting a portion of your life into a fishbowl. At times, you may find that you will be t...

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It is not so hard as it is made out to be. Most people intuitively realize where the line is before crossing.
Working for a reputed company means that some degree of good behavior is expected from the individual. After all people make company. What Niall did reflected badly on the company. Had he realized that responsibility apriori, it wouldn’t have been an issue at all.

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