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Four Stages of Christmas

  1. Carry heavy boxes down
  2. Carry light boxes up
  3. Carry light boxes down
  4. Carry heavy boxes up

s/Cary/Carry :)

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Scott: fixed.  Thanks!

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while we're at it, doesn't "stages" indicate it should be an ordered list?

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/me mutters Pedants;-)


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Comment on My year in 12 copy-and-paste comments by: Mark

January Pedants! February I’ve been active; you’re just not looking in the right places. March “It looks like you’re trying to view a web page with images. Would you like the Web Browser Assistant to prompt you for each...

Excerpt from phil ringnalda Comments at

LOL! yes its true, Everything is just like that in Christmas holidays.

Merry Christmas Wishes

Posted by Christy at

I can’t wait for Christmas, I am so excited!!!

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