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PHP and Unicode.

Jarek Zgoda: It still doesn't have native unicode support, so all this XML buzz is just that -- a buzz. In modern world lacking of unicode awareness makes any solution incomplete.

I agree with Adam Trachtenberg, Unicode support is on my list of things that would be great to add to PHP 6

Sterling Hughes and Thies Arntzen point out that Parrot is fully Unicode, but that largely is due to the use of the ICU libraries, and only addresses a small part of the problem.  The hard part is all of the inputs, outputs, and extensions.

My recommendation would be to first upgrade the current code base to using utf-8 internally and use that to shake out all of the interface problems.  Utf-8 has a number of desirable features:

Overall, I would suggest the following:

Determining the output encoding by parsing the Content-Type header would be a good idea, as would be providing functions that explicitly set the default input and output encodings.

Once the bugs are shaken out, upgrading to ICU (or converting to something like Parrot) would be a considerably simpler proposition.

PHP5 and Unicode (Sam Ruby)

The short version: what Unicode?...

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Anne van Kesteren : PHP and Unicode. - Another reason to stick with HTML if you are working with PHP...

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Python and PHP for the next 100 years.

The most important characteristic of a programming language designer (apart from the normal nerdy technical brilliance) is to have taste. Any popular language will have thousands of competing feature requests at any given time, and the designer has...

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It's a pity that proper Unicode support isn't enabled by default, but if you're running your own server, there is an option of course.

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Sam Ruby: PHP and Unicode

Sam Ruby: PHP and Unicode. I haven't had a problem, and my site's in PHP and does Unicode (example). Everything's stored everywhere as UTF-8 (The One True Unicode Encoding). Personally, I kind of like knowing that my data are just bags of bytes, as...

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Just a late note. There does seem to be someone working on bringing ICU to PHP. There's an old comment here: [link] - the work is actually taking place here: [link]. The author posts on the php.i18n mailing list with alias l0t3k

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[from juliansomers] Sam Ruby: PHP and Unicode.


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