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FeedMesh is a group working to establish a "peering network" for decentralized web(site|log) update notifications and content distribution.

The initial discussion happened on Sept 10th at Foo Camp. Companies and representatives involved so far are: Scott Johnson (Feedster), Mark Fletcher (Bloglines), Jim Winstead (, Jeremy Zawodny (Yahoo!).

The current plans are to stage the implementation into a series of concrete, tangible steps.

The consensus is that the sharing of weblog update notifications ("pings") would be a good first step. This will have two immediate and tangible benefits for sites that aggressively crawl feeds: reduced bandwidth (by sharing the load) and lower latency (e.g., bloglines can get data in near realtime instead of polling every hour).

A rough sketch of what this would entail is the creation of a single URI for people to ping ( which would be backed by the members of the "peering network" via round robin DNS.  The recipient of a ping would be expected to validate the ping, make a reasonable attempt to normalize the site name to utf-8, and then pass the ping information to all the other members of the peer network.  Instead of separate HTTP requests per ping, it is likely that each member of the peering network will have a socket continuously open with
each of other members across which this information will be sent.

Follow-on steps may include the sharing of content between the peers (possibly using pubsub over XMPP), and ultimately the sharing content with aggregators running on end user desktops.

We have a temporary Yahoo! Group setup to facilitate e-mail discussion after Foo Camp is over.

  Why don't you finish one thing first? It's been over a year and all Atom has added is more fragmentation in the syndication worl1d. Why don't you finish that and make it a success before trying to replace pinging and using HTTP to fetch syndication feeds?

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Looks in scope, or at least overlapping with atom-protocol to me. Worth raising on list?

Posted by Danny at

Dare, please stop trolling.  I did not start this.  Jim did.  Jeremy set up the Yahoo group.

I merely found the topic to be interesting, and am participating, for pretty much the reason that Danny is alluding to: overlap with Atom activities.

Danny, I see this as more of something where a liaison relationship between the two activities makes more sense than to seek to house this discussion on atom-protocol.  In fact, I would prefer to not distract attention from the one thing I personally would like to see atom-protocol focus on, namely working towards convergence with the TypePad Atom API.

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this week is the week when we all solve the same problem

jeff barr, of syndic8, is tackling the update-notification distribution problem. (using mod_pubsub.)sam ruby blogged about feedmesh, an idea for handling the sharing of ping notifications among some of the current collectors....

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Anne van Kesteren : FeedMesh - "FeedMesh is a group working to establish a "peering network" for decentralized web(site|log) update notifications and content distribution."...

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Hmm, maybe the central pinging facility could pair up with the work on Ping-O-Matic (by Matt Mullenweg of photomatt fame).

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Hey! Can I play too?

I was just talking about something like this with Jim Winstead the other day! My idea was that we should be able to find a way to include into the set of processors that share in Shrook's distributed checking network. Also, back in June at the Atom Community meeting, I proposed to Mark Fletcher from Bloglines that we could share blog update notices. As mentioned recently on the atom-syntax list, we can make available a feed of verified update notices anytime anyone wants it... Note: We only issue a message after we have actually visited the source-feed and found there to be new information...

I would definitely like for us at to work with this effort. How do we get started?

bob wyman


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Manuzhai: as I see it, this would make ping-o-matic's life easier.  Once in place, ping-o-matic could replace the list of servers that are in the "peering network" with a single ping.  Users of ping-o-matic would not have to change anything.

Bob: yes, please!  As is customary in discussions such as these, the person not in the room gets all the action items.  Please join the Yahoo! Group to find out what yours are.  ;-)

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Sam Ruby: FeedMesh


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FeedMesh is a group working to establish a “peering network” for decentralized web(site|log) update notifications and content distribution. FeedMesh - Kwiki (spotter: Sam)...

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The RSS Sky is Falling...Again

In his post Full text RSS on MSDN gets turned off Robert Scoble writes Steve Maine: what the hell happened to RSS is broken, is what happened. It's not scalable when 10s of thousands of people start subscribing to thousands of...

Excerpt from Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life at

Sam Ruby: "FeedMesh is a group working to establish a "peering network" for decentralized web(site|log) update notifications and content distribution. The initial discussion happened on Sept 10th at Foo Camp. Companies and representatives involved so far are: Scott Johnson (Feedster), Mark Fletcher (Bloglines), Jim Winstead (, Jeremy Zawodny (Yahoo!)." Sounds interesting, as does the recent work by Jeff Barr on Syndic8. Will need to look into it, and start participating...... [more]

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Ruby: FeedMesh Starting Up

When the world's dominant software company runs into a problem with the webfeeds for its developer network, lots of hackers go apeshit and start cooking up solutions. Sam Ruby reports on FeedMesh, a grassroots effort that broke out at Foo Camp to...

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Sam Ruby: FeedMesh Ok cool, someone else is doing this so I can scrap it. I was going to do pretty much the same thing but just haven't gotten to it. Much like my RSS/Email alternative. So anyway I bought...... [more]

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FeedMesh is a group working to establish a "peering network" for decentralized web(site|log) update notifications and content distribution. [via Sam Ruby]...... [more]

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Foo Camp 2004

I just got back from Foo Camp up in Sebastopol. I had a blast, and want to thank Tim O'Reilly and Marc Hedlund for the invite. The intellectual firepower there was amazing, and everyone was really friendly and open. Here are some pictures of the...

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Internet choking on RSS - film at 10

The past couple of days have seen quite a bit of discussion in the RSS world concerning the growing amount of RSS data being transferred over the Internet. Robert Scoble started off the heated discussion by posting about how MSDN...... [more]

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Syndication Scalability and mod-pubsub

Jeff Barr has an  interesting tale to tell regarding syndication,
scalability, and mod-pubsub: <blockquote> <a href="">[link]... [more]

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Feedmesh: Decentralized Web Notifications

Jeremy Zawodny talks about the inevitability of search results as RSS that can be subscribed to, quoting Tim Bray: They’ve also done something way cool with their Google appliance; one of the bright geeks there has set up a thing...... [more]

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Foo Camp Friends

Had a wonderful time at Foo Camp this year, described as "A Face-to-Face Wiki." Seeing how the first Foo was an experiment in the simplest thing that possibly work and somehow did, there was no way to top the......

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More RSS Links

Over the past few days I've collected a few links of interest to RSS junkies: Track! Your! Packages! (in RSS)RSS is evilFeedMeshThe Inevitability of Search Results as RSSRSS not ubiquitous, yet.Companion to Atom...

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On the Bloglines API

Andrew Grumet's Weblog: Bloglines press release: "In addition to helping address bandwidth concerns, Bloglines Web Services transform hundreds of thousands of existing feeds into 'clean RSS' and insulates developers from the current blog syndication format wars. This interoperability will encourage broad adoption of news feed technology among content publishers and consumers." Step back and ponder for a minute what a bold statement that is. I don't mean the bits about the politics or bandwidth savings. How do you feel about the prospect of having a Bloglines middleman at the heart of your blogosphere? This is a fundamentally different kind of... [more]

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Tapping into the FeedMesh with POE

Here's a snippet of perl to tap into the FeedMesh. Note it doesn't do anything except print out the streams- I just wanted to show how easy it is to do with POE. use POE qw(Component::Client::TCP); POE::Component::Client::TCP->new( RemoteAddress =>...

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Sharing Update Notifications By Creating a Peering NetworkI saw a post to FeedMesh by Ross Mayfield, who attended Foo Camp, where some brainstorming apparently took place about the Microsoft problem with RSS and bandwidth.The idea these guys...

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I am glad to see some of the search illuminati covering feedmesh. There are already cool applications running on top of Boy Wyman’s genius effort, right Greg? In my opine, the three companies with the best business plan on top......

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A FeedMesh Primer

I attended a lively discussion on Friday night 6/24/2005 at Gnomedex on the subject of the FeedMesh. There were some ... [more]

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Is Technorati making deals to get data first?

A Wall Street Journal story indicates that Technorati cuts deals to get blog data before its competitors....

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Google Blog Search

This is the day that everyone saw coming, Google announced their new service: Google Blog Search. There is plenty of commentary on this already, so I’ll try to keep my comments simple and to the point. It may be helpful to read my complaints...

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Memorundum and FeedMesh ?

Gabe Rivera of memeorandum fame is bashing it out with Bob Wyman on the feedmesh working group ! Sam Ruby provided a primer on Feedmesh......

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For reasons unknown, Ping-o-Matic stopped processing pings from JournURL-powered blogs a month or so ago. I’ve tried to be patient, but I haven’t heard back from anyone about my problem reports... so I surrender. I’ve officially switched us over to...

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Damn, that’s a lot of posts

I’ve gotten access to the ping cloud finally and am hoping to learn some things from the data. Some quick background: most blogging packages have the capability of notifying a remote server every time they are updated. One such service...

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Microcontent search

Tantek Celik of Technorati has announced a preview of their Microformats search capabilities. They also have a pingerati service - so you can inform them of everytime a new chunk of microcontent is created.  I wonder if that ping service will be...

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