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Ben Hyde: If you drag this bookmarklet into your bookmark bar: Tasty? Then when visiting a page you can click on it to see how many people thought it was interesting enough to bookmark at You can read their comments and category assignments.

Cool!  I find the feed to be of less than fully useful as it doesn't have anything that I can identify as a permalink.  Now with five lines of code, I can rectify that in my extractor script.

Ideally, at some point, people will converge on standard for  feeds for link blogs, and these special purposes hacks can be retired.

Argh! The RSS feed is not well-formed. There's an unescaped ampersand.

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A bookmarklet...

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I did a bookmarklet in pure javascript which doesn't depend on your site staying up and should be faster because of no extra trip to your site. Uses code from the excellent md5 code in javascript by Paul Johnston.

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Philippe Janvier : Tasty - "Is this page is interesting enough to bookmark at"...

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Simpler history . Basically,[url] works.

- as explained by Joshua

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Tasty! bookmarklet, shows links from See also: Sam's script (5 lines? and the rest ;-)...

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Tasty Redux

New improved version of the Tasty? bookmarklet! Instead of bouncing off my server this one bounces off the server using a newly revealed (at least to me) mechanism. This is better, you'll only be revealing your curiosity to rather than to both me and Drag this to your bookmark bar, discard your old version if this doesn't overwrite it. Tasty? Upgrade today! Earlier posting here. Cool! Version in pure java script....... [more]

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Is this page

Here's a bookmarklet that shows if anyone thought the page...... [more]

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Sam Ruby: Tasty

more delicious...

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Mini-Pattern: Object Method to Separate Thread.Posted: 2004-07-23T17:37:38Z (categories: object_method python thread ) Sam Ruby: TastyPosted: 2004-07-23T17:28:36Z (categories: )......

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Delicious backwash

I wrote a little bookmarklet that looks up people linking a page through, social bookmarks manager extraordinaire. Kinda fun. I’m calling it backwash because I’ve used enough boring descriptive names lately. Plus it sounds...

Excerpt from my weblog at - related urls bookmarklet has just implemented functionality to show related links for any url. Alongside the reccomended tags engine, this is awesome. With a database the size that has, there are lots of opportunities for more features like this....

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Here’s an idea for the lazyweb to solve how writers are lazy at categorizing their posts. We’ve had lots of attempts to make categorization easier, but readers in aggregate do a better job. I’m looking for something to leverage

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qdsouza on " Linkbacks to Permalinks"

Also, I found [link] which is really helpful, but I’m still not sure how to plug into the delicious api for the user notes section of the url history in and then place them in the blog post....

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Philippe Janvier : Tasty - “Is this page is interesting enough to bookmark at”...

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By: monju_bosatsu

For those of you having trouble thinking of tags for your posts, you might check to see what people have tagged the links. Use the bookmarklet posted here to check out the history for a page....

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