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Converting Manilla

Scott Hanson: I was unable to quickly apply my script to Susan’s files (i.e. I’ve gotten stuck), and I’m short of time. Since a number of people had publicly offered to help export Manila sites, people with a probably a better understanding of Manila and XML than I have, I decided to plea for help via a Wiki page entitled ConvertingManila.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'll see what I can do, and will contribute to the wiki.

I just posted over at Scott's place, so I'll just repeat the choice bit: I wrote a script that runs within Manila's native environment (Frontier) that will take a Manila site and write it out to a file that's in the format which MovableType imports.  I'd be happy to clean it up a bit and share, but of course, you'd have to have a copy of Frontier to run it!

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On the scale of relative importance, this is probably fairly near the bottom but while we're on the topic: if anyone can convert a Manila Frontier root export to at least an "XML" export for me, I'd really appreciate it.  This would be for preserving the RSS 1.0 Issues site used in the development of RSS 1.0.  Email me at

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I suppose you could download Manila, then do as many conversions as needed using Jason's script within the 60 day free trial period,

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I spent some time earlier this month using Radio and some tools to do just that. Documented my steps here on my site and on a thread in the Radio Userland discussion group. Should probably move the stuff from my site to the discussion message on Radio Userland so that if/when the message moves the info is still accessible.

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Ken, I'd be happy to convert it, but my conversion will be into the format that MT expects as its import file.  If you're interested, feel free to drop me a line; alternatively, I plan to release my script into the wild within the next few days, and as Alwin said, you can then download the trial version of Frontier and export it on your own, tweaking the script as needed.

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Good news! I've heard from Susan that Jason's script has worked with her data, and that she now has a working MT Import File.

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It's true. I have the script. Now all I gotta do is implement it. ;)

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Manila: Converted

Good News! Jason Levin's Frontier script has worked! Susan now has a working MT Import File. Jason says he'll be posting his script in the next few days, and since UserLand offfers a 60-day trial version of Manila for download (thanks, Alwin, for...

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Making Like a Tree

For a planned move that began in early June, Susan Kitchens has been working with Jason Levine and others to convert her Manila-hosted weblog to Movable Type.... [more]

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