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Atom at W3C?

Scott Hollenbeck: The ATOMPUB WG was not approved during today's IESG telechat, primarily because of comments sent to the IESG from Eric Miller of the W3C.

Overall, I agree with Tim Bray's take, with the following additional observations:

Eric imagines that something like GRDDL would be discussed.  I don't have a problem with that presuming that there are volunteers.  My experience with commercial software is that when asked, users have lots of requirements.  However, when asked which of these they would be willing to pay for, the list shrinks considerably.  I have a similar experience with open source where contributions can be made directly to the code.

This leads me to wonder how the draft IETF Charter would need to change in order to become a W3C Charter.  It would seem to me that someone from the W3C would be in the best position to answer this.  Any takers?