It’s just data


I had heard good things about BlogLines, so I thought I would give it a spin.  I didn't plan on switching, but I did: that's how good it is.

What sold me was the integration with the way I use Mozilla.  With SharpReader, I would skim titles, dip into those that seemed interesting.  Of those that merited further investigation, I would open in a separate window, and come back to once I had completed my initial scan.

With Bloglines, I skim articles, and open the ones that merit further investigation in a separate tab.  All in all, I'm finding that I can read more in less time.

Other benefits: by being server based, I don't have to worry about keeping machines synchronized.  Also by fetching feeds once and then serving them multiple times, Bloglines acts as a collector/distributor, which will make feeds even more scalable.

Now for two niglets:

All things considered, Bloglines has become my new default aggregator.