It’s just data


Mark is trolling for Spanish curse words.  If you have any jucy ones, let him know.  Boy do I wish that I had a weblog back when I was in high school and could have asked that question.

Meanwhile, this question has triggered a number of things...

I vividly remember seeing my Spanish professor becoming visibly shaken after someone innocently shouted out "¡Huevos!" in class. Seems there is a passing resemblance between eggs and a portion of the male anatomy.

The idiom starting with "Hijo de..." (in English, this translates to "son of a...") has fascinated me for some time.  While there is a corresponding idiom in English, the Spanish version refers to someone who, shall we say, operates for profit.  Clearly there was some co-evolution involved.  Which in turn reminds me both of Stephen Jay Gould and Douglas R. Hofstadter, who were cousin-in-laws.  Which reminds that I need to get back to reading that book which is excellent so far but a bit too heavy for travel.  Controlling the layout and format, not just the content, but I digress.

Popping back up the stack a bit, I'm reminded of of the time when my son was gestating and chose to deliver a swift kick to my wife's ribs from the inside.  She let out with the utterence mentioned above, in English of course.  Relishing the ambiguity of the statement, I simply responded (with a wide grin on my face): "yes.".