It’s just data

Mombo Codo

Gary Burd: I checked in the basic code at Source Forge.

Cool.  Please add rubys to the project.

Addendum dictionary

Due to persistant prodding by Dare, I've created an addendum dictionary.  Leave comments here if there are particularly troublesome words that you would like included.

Membership has its privileges

I'm working on a membership registration service for intertwingly.  At the moment, it simply replies that all ids are unavailable, but it will shortly send out confirmation emails and process responses.

Details on what I intend this service to be for can be found on the registration page.  Feedback welcome.

Scolding Joe

Joe Gregorio: Attacking or trying to tear down other peoples work is non-productive and plainly not my style.

All I can say is that statements like this are not the way to get my cooperation.

While a number of intelligent people have contributed to the thread mentioned above, I still believe that creative solutions exist to all the "problems" outlined there.

Ones that are script/template friendly.  Which are regexp compatible.  Which are REST and SOAP compatible.  Compatible with all the aggregators that I know of.  And, in an area that I had not previously considered exploring, RDF compatible.

Tomorrow I plan to name that tune.  After I locate my asbestos underwear.

Slashdotted twice removed

An essay I wrote over seven months ago got 300 hits in the past 24 hours.  This was due to a mention at the bottom of a lengthy and compelling rant by Joe Gregorio.  Which was mentioned third out of a list of three items in a blog entry by Tim Bray.  Which was mentioned by Slashdot.

While this doesn't guarantee that anybody actually read my essay yesterday, it does provide an indication that a large number of people actually read every word of Joe's and Tim's.