It’s just data

Welcome Duncan!

James Duncan Davidson: I have to admit, it is a bit amusing to think that I'm going to be putting a Perl based CGI up on my site. Especially after all those years of pushing Java Servlets.

Moving on

Dave Winer: Disclaimer.  What's done is done.  I'm preparing feedback that I hope will enable RSS to more forward.  More in a bit.

Mozilla's low level SOAP API

It is cool that Mozilla has a SOAP API.  It could be made much simpler, however.  Other scripting languages are doing it.

Skipping RSS 0.93

Simon Fell: Hey Sam, what about RSS 0.93 ?  It looks like that version was essentially stillborn.  Truth be told, I nearly was to the point of making a choice between keeping only one of 0.91 or 0.92 so that the data would fit on a reasonable sized screen.  But by dropping the radio template and a suitable amount of CSS, I was able to keep all four to my satisfaction.  Displays reasonably on both Mozilla and IE on my machine.  Then I ran the result through tidy and I learned the importance of Choosing a DocType.  Next time, I will start there.

Practice what you preach

It looks like Joel is trying to do his part to commoditize his product's complements.