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Gareth Simpson: Objectively speaking, if I downloaded FeedThing in its current state, I’d not bother with it again (I know this by the pile of dead aggregators in my recycle bin).

I first heard about this by chasing this referer.  Impressed, I took a look at the code.  It looks like something I could work with.

If I can be so bold as to make a suggestion... if your ultimate goal is to have a large user base, your best bet is to invest in cultivating a development community.  You identified the important criteria: instant gratification.  A developer who wishes to contribute needs to be able to quickly make a change and see the result of that change.  Which means that they need to build it.  So my first suggestion is for you to invest in a README which tells potential contributors what the minimum they need to install and configure in order to build FeedThing successfully.

In particular, can one get started with only the vctoolkit?  Don Box implies that all that is missing is Emacs... is that true in this case, or is there something else crucial thing missing?

The next thing I would suggest is some test cases.  If others are going to contribute, you will want to make sure that the things that you have invested the time in getting to work, continue to work as changes are incorporated.

Cheers for the advice (and indeed the publicity!).

I've started to do some of the things you suggested.

In the next few days, I'll also try and get some of the developer support tools on sourceforge up and running.

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Hmm, so a post which was really nothing more than a bit of a whinge, actually got me some really good advice It hadn’t really occurred to me that people might want to hack the code to a project that hadn’t even released anything yet. In...

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To your question "can one get started with only the VCToolkit", the answer is YES.  The toolkit includes the core tools needed to compile and link C++ code - you provide the editor and any additional tools you want to use.


Nick Hodapp

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Nick, Gareth has indicated:

I don't think this is currently possible.  The two big problems are:

I haven't tried it myself.

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  I sincerely need to learn visual C++ I need this compiler.

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