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Atom + CSS

I tried some minimal css on an experimental Atom feed and the results started to look promising - on Mozilla.  View source to see how it was done.

I then brought up the same page under IE, and it looks like IE didn't support a number of CSS features.  Worse, it seems to be stripping and/or interpreting escaped markup.  Finally, view source is not available.

Poking around to see if there were any workarounds, I came across this article by Tim Bray from 3.5 years ago...


My first Atom server prototype serves content as Atom XML with an XSL stylesheet.  If I knew XSL better, it'd probably look right, too ;-).

Posted by Ken MacLeod at

Ermm.. a bit off topic (unless the topic is CSS). I like your new stylesheet effects in Firebird 0.7. The round corners are excellent. Can you tone down the orange background? (unless there's a Dutch celebration I'm not aware of). The orange text on black headers are fine. Its just the background is quite "in-your-eyes".

Posted by Isofarro at

My intent was to revert back to blue after Friday.  The curves stay.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

My XSL is a bit rusty, but this was no problem. The XSL is waiting for you in you inbox, Sam.

Posted by Arien at

Does this mean eventually no need for XSLT, or is more of a gimmick than something useful?  How would you insert javascript or additional links not already in the ATOM file?

Posted by Dylan Greene at

Atom And CSS

It had to happen sometime. I knew that as soon as I heard about Atom that someone would inevitably get round to styling the bloody thing, forcing every alpha geek from here to xanadu to do the same ("but better"). It finally happened: Sam Ruby is...

Excerpt from Solitude at

Sam Ruby: styling Atom XML with CSS... [more]

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Semantics of presentation

Semantics of presentation, or what happens when Sam's site is no longer orange... [more]

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FYI, Sam, the CSS-styled feed looks excellent in Opera 7.21 as well. Though I would prefer applying XSLT (with CSS) over CSS directly. Just a personal preference.

Posted by Asbjørn Ulsberg at

Sorry, but the rounded corners look really horrible (Mozilla 1.5, Win 2000). Jagged on flat colors, jagged and broken on 1px lines (like the one around this comment), forcing the cursor outside the input on forms (although that could be fixed with a bit of padding) and just, well, horrible. It reminds me of my ZX81. Stop it :)
Or at least provide an alternate style sheet for the design pedants like myself.

Posted by Anonymous coward at

Sam Ruby has had some problems with getting the source/Dom from within IE.  I got this snipit of code from...... [more]

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You design pedants just kill me!  Anti-aliasing is overrated.

The real problem here, based on Mozilla, is that the wrong algorithm is being used on the corner rounding, causing extra pixels.

Focus on real problems here folks, focus!

:-) for the humor impaired.

Posted by Ken MacLeod at

Styling Atom with CSS

(via TechnoWeenie Styling Atom with CSS. Cocoon is ripe for an Atom implementation.... [more]

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Tony, see what the Lenya folks are up to with Cocoon and Atom.

Posted by Bill Humphries at

Hmm, I'm aware of Lenya, but I don't use it all that much.. perhaps it's time to subscribe to the Lenya lists.

Posted by Tony at

Plugging the RSS Usability Hole

It's been said before, but it's worth repeating: direct links to syndication feeds, be they buttons or text, present a problem for end users: I am not a technically proficient user. I don't know what XML, RSS, or even......

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css and rss

Liz's inner librarian surfaces for long enough to track down past discussions on combining styles with syndicated content, and attempts to connect those threads to a conversation taking place on Joi's blog.... [more]

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css and rss

Liz's inner librarian surfaces for long enough to track down past discussions on combining styles with syndicated content in Atom, and attempts to connect those threads to a conversation taking place on Joi's blog.... [more]

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CSS into RSS will go

Overnight, there have been postings about enabling RSS feeds to carry some of the design, as well as the content, of its originator. See Joi Ito and then: floating atoll, mamamusings and (from his archives) anil. And add to these:......

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CSS in RSS feed

Joi Ito heeft het 'briljante' idee gekregen om zijn Cascading Style Sheet mee te sturen met zijn RSS feed. Leuk bedacht en nul punten voor de uitvoering. Het idee is leuk. Je hebt een RSS feed, en je wilt een beetje controle over de manier waarop...

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RSS and Atom with a Safari CSS Theme

We can make our RSS/Atom feeds look similar to the Safari browser’s RSS. All we need is the proper CSS file linked as a stylesheet from our RSS/Atom XML file....

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Hmmm ... seems the boys at MOZtown2 and RedmondVille7 have usurped your ability to style your own feed. :(

Guess they know best.

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