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Curved borders

The 'border-radius' properties

Wow! I like the new look.

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Panther & Safari 1.1

Woo, nice job Apple. I did the whole 'backup important files and erase' routine last night, and installed Panther this morning (I also attended a film and went to a haunted house last night, so my backup took like 8...... [more]

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CSS freak-flags wave high

Sam Ruby, besides making his site orange sunshine colored, shows off Curved borders... [more]

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I wonder if this is another CSS nicety that will go unnoticed(unseen) by the IE-using masses until 2006 or so when Longhorn (supposedly) arrives. Assuming MS improves their CSS support by then, which may be naively optimistic.

I wonder if there's any "tipping point" feature that could be implemented by Mozilla (or Safari, but that requires a platform switch) that could get large numbers of Windows users to abandon IE. I guess if built-in pop-up blocking hasn't yet helped much, this is a pretty high bar to reach.

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It looks okay, but it really needs to be antialiased to look professional.  It looks like bad bitmaps right now.

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Dylan, perhaps I will be able to do better once SVG support is enabled...

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Yippee - CSS is now an ugly drawing tool!

She's a BRICK house - she's mighty, mighty, letting it all hang out. Funky CSS can now render ugly buildings...... [more]

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Rounded corners around every corner

Some corners have been rounded on this page. CSS rounded.. Got the idea from this guy, stole the link from this guy. What's important is (...)...

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wow, orange background!

can we get somehow old look back (CSS?)

just curious,


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If only we could ever use this wonderfull CSS, and not have to worry about how 8 billion browsers will display it...

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