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Diego Doval: So, is it possible to have both? Absolutely :)

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  SharpReader and RSS Bandit have had this functionality for a while. Surely he doesn't think CleverCactus is the first 3 paned aggregator to provide this functionality.

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Clevercactus was first. CC was originally called spaces, and it was released publicly on November 11, 2002 (the name changed in April this year), supporting exactly that functionality (on both feeds and email), which predates most if not all the 3-pane aggregators that I know of, and certainly those that do recursive aggregation (of course, corrections are welcome--you never know :)).

That said, I was just pointing out that it didn't have to be a choice of either/or, and of course I used my own software as an example since I can fully explain what it does and how.

Additionally, when I said "for the first time" I was  referring to the concept of "entry decay" plus the rest of the stuff (Of course, if anyone's aware of other aggregators that are currently doing that--i.e., allow you to set the time after which entries dissapear on a per-feed basis-- please let me know and I'll correct it). I was of course aware of others (although not of its FeedDemon's Newspaper view, which I noted in the post after Ted's comment).

In any case, thanks Dare for the comment, I will add both SharpReader and RSS Bandit to the list, for completeness.

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I implemented "entry decay" in RSS Bandit about a month ago (see for description) with Torsten adding in the UI for configuration options shortly after.

I haven't shipped a release yet so this technically isn't out in the wild although anyone can build from the source code available in the RSS Bandit Workspace and have this functionality.

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Dare, thanks. No question, you were out there first with the "fade away" feature (I was looking at my archives and saw that's the name I was using for it, and I think that's better than "entry decay" :-))--I have updated the entry with this information.

And just in general, I don't take this as some kind of "who-did-it-first" contest, but I find it truly fascinating to see how ideas emerge, many times in parallel, and are implemented, and I enjoy recording that. :-)

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FeedDemon implements entry decay by setting a global limit on the number of posts retained.  I don't really want entry decay anyway.  I want to be able to search those back entries, using agrep type of approximate searching.

I'd be much more interested in assistance with removing/deactivating low interest/activity feeds...

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Ted, good ideas. I think the FeedDemon setting you refer is useful, but not really the same as setting fade-away on a per-feed, date-basis (rather than number of entries, since many bloggers are very prolific--and news sites could be a problem for that too).

And of course some people will prefer to keep everything and then do searches, correlate information, etc, if not on all feeds certainly on feeds coming, from, say, their company weblog or something.

Regarding the feed deactivation feature--cool idea. I might run off and add it to the next release of cc. :-) At the top end of this, the software could, on request, suggest feeds not only because of lack of activity (the most obvious measure) but also correlate with other stuff you're reading and realize that maybe you're not on to that topic anymore.

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SharpReader does AutoPurge, though I've never used it (old computer was so slow I deleted everything but a few locked posts every read, this one doesn't mind having ten thousand-odd items hanging around). But Ted's right: the next place to have a feature-fight is finding a way to pleasantly remind me that "The 'Foo' feed hasn't had a new item for two weeks: [visit home page] [view source] [unsubscribe] [shut up and mind your own business]".

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Infrequently updated RSS feeds are not broken. They in fact provide a service to those who prefer quality over quantity. But the ability to apply settings to dynamics for unsubscribing would be welcome.

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news in one page -- but not a webpage

Another "clevercactus tip of the day". :-) The other day, Dave was saying that using the three-pane paradigm to present news in an aggregator was not the way to go. Today, he linked to a piece by Adam Curry in which, among other things, Adam puts...

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BottomFeeder has had a user controllable entry cache for a long time now.  Recently, I added the ability to mark items permanent.

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Spaces is Clever Cactus

I talked quite some time ago about Spaces. A blog entry over at Sam Ruby bumped me on over to another entry. I was reading it, and it was interesting, but I was getting a strange deja-vu feeling. So, Spaces has become Clever Cactus, and is now at...

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