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Blosxom 2.0 plugin

Dave Walker: If you're running Blosxom 2.0, you can grab my Atom 0.2 flavour files here.  It uses a CDATA encoded version of the individual posts.  If you're enough of a stud so that your blog's totally valid XHTML you might want to modify story.atom to serve the non-encoded representation instead.

Try this.

Sam -- excellent!  I'm repackaging the flavour files to take advantage of your plugin.  Thanks!

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Cool! I blogged my experience customizing the files.

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Atom 0.2 Flavour Revised

Sam Ruby contributed a wonderful bit of automagic that "does the right thing" in your Atom feed, based on whether a given entry is well-formed or not... I've included Sam's plugin in a revised flavour pack.... [more]

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Hi, now validates; a few things:

Is there a provisional MIME-type agreed for atom yet? I noticed some discussion of RSD, but that seems needlessly complicated, I just want to add a <link rel="..."> tag, like I do for RSS.

Also, when you validate P/A/(n)E, the validator points you to a valid-pie image that doesn't exist yet, just so you know.


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Okay, I found that AutoDiscovery ( ) gives text/atom+xml as it's best guess. I've added that.

When some form of agreement does come out (FeedCast?), I volunteer to write a internet draft if AD, if it's needed.

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Actually, that page specifies "application/atom+xml", not "text/atom+xml".  But the MIME type will be based on the name, which hasn't been decided yet.

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RE: Blosxom 2.0 plugin

  The MIME type brings to mind another possible issue that came to me yesterday. Currently Joe's API draft states that you can send various differing file formats with the same MIME type (text/atom+xml) which means that the  default  handler for that MIME type has to inspect the contents of the stream before deciding how to process such an XML document. It could be an introspection file, a feed, or search results. The correct thing to do with each file is rather different.

This may or may not be a problem but it is rather interesting either way.

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