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In an attempt to reduce spam, I'm now rejecting any email comments that are addressed to weblog entries which are over 30 days old.  Implementing this only took a few minutes work, but required me to break a few abstractions in my implementation.  Undoubtedly, this will get cleaned up in a refactoring, but a review of the code reveals a number of related items:

Each is based on exploiting a fundamental characteristic of SMTP: namely that it is a protocol that enables without obscuring.

One of those things where you should do what you want, but if nobody complains, you'll never know: now that SharpReader's using <slash:comments>, I'm even more likely to click the link from the <comments> element to see what the previous ten or fifteen people had to say, realizing what I've done a bit too late every time as a compose email window pops up.

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