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A week ago I quietly introduced a wiki to discuss the anatomy of a well formed log entry.  It got a lot of interest.  And a week later, it is still being actively developed.

Wow.  It seems that I am not the only one desiring a bit of forward motion in this area.

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There are moments when if people compromise something great can happen and if they don't the opportunity passes. [Dave Winer] That moment is now, something great is happening, the place it's happening is Sam's Wiki, and all I can is Wow. I'm 100%...

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Phase 2 Roadmap.

Sam Ruby notes the tremendous progress on the Well Formed Log Entry wiki he quietly started last week and notes that he's not the only one desiring forward motion. Amen to that Sam. A Roadmap for the next phase has been posted.... [more]

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Kudos to Sam Ruby

Gratitude and admiration to Sam Ruby for catalyzing productive discussion about weblog standards.... [more]

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Part of the magic of wikis is they force you to be a productive member of the community to participate.  Which is why I'm posting over here in Sam's comments, as I don't quite feel like I know enough to add to the dialog on 'Pie'.

In the early RSS 1.0 design discussions you can see there was a clear awareness that RSS was going to grow beyond a simple format for displaying the 10 most recent headlines in a slashbox. (does anyone still remember when that was RSS's primary function)  Ideas like real estate ads, job listings, and conference scheduled all got mentioned as potential uses for RSS.

And they were right, the use of RSS has evolved rapidly.

What I'm wondering, and what I haven't been able to answer when reading over the wiki is, is there a similar awareness and intention going into the design of this next generation?  Or is that even one of the goals?

Sorry if I'm asking the wrong question.

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Kellen: it is exactly the right question.  It is why I believe that namespaces are so important.  The wiki captures it thus:

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A Well-Formed Blogging World

Sam Ruby has been busily spurring people toward a vendor-neutral, consensus-based world of blogging interop. Here's my take.
First the bad news:

<p>I loathe hyperactive wikis. I think wikis are great for carefully organized projects, or... [more]

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Syndication Reloaded and Revolution

Sam Ruby started a Wiki on The Conceptual Model of a Log Entry. On the issue of proposed new syndication format, which I presume it would be more than just syndication, there’s a Roadmap to New Log Format. The idea......

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