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Meet Allie


From Second Chance Pet Adoptions:

Allie is a wonderful girl...she is still a bit shy in new situations, but loves to play. She was the first of the group to play with toys, and has been a bit of a loner since. She does play with her siblings, but not so rough and tumble like the others. She will come and sit with you on the couch, but is not too keen on being held a lot.

How long she gets to stay at the Ruby household depends entirely on whether or not she triggers my wife's allergies.

When we first got married, we would visit my father in Pennsylvania.  Despite having cats and dogs, we were assured that there was one room that they never went into that we could sleep in.

Later that night, we sought out the local hospital.  The only thing open was the emergency room.  Not being very sure of ourselves at the time, we sat outside and debated our options.  Ultimately, we went in.  The nurse who greeted us gave some sage advice: if you can't breathe, it is called an emergency.  After a shot of Epinephrine, the symptoms subsided.  We spent the rest of the night at a hotel.

Subsequent visits to my father produced similar results.  By the third time, the hospital staff got to know us.

Last year, momma kitty, a stray, started showing up in our back yard.  Much to our surprise, my wife was not alergic to this cat.  We left food on the back porch, which attracted some unexpected visitors.

Two weeks ago, I bumped into Graham Glass of TME in San Francisco.  We didn't talk much about SOAP.  Instead we talked about possums and birds eggs.

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You really should post more of this - this is what we want, not hearing you go on about programming all the time. I'm not trying to tell you what to post, I'm just saying that you may lose your readership of cat-lovers if you don't cut back on all the tech stuff.


Posted by Cathy at

One... two... three.


Posted by Dorothea Salo at

Awwwww. She looks just like a cat our family had. I miss her...

I have a friend who has five adult cats, four kittens and a dog. I call a visit to her "fur therapy". :-)

Posted by Johan Svensson at

That's a cutie! Kudos for adopting, Sam.

Posted by ColdForged at

My goddess that's an adorable lil kitten!  As for allergies, I'm sure you've fully explored the options, but I figure it's worth mentioning that you can find moisturising shampoos that help keep down the dander and things that trigger most reactions.

Posted by l.m.orchard at

Awww such a cutie - I really need to put something more on - my Alice doesn't update her website much, shes such a lazy cat.

She did however say she wanted to start blogging, but wasn't sure if people would like to hear about how many mice or birds she ate today, or what magazines she curled up in and destroyed :)

Posted by Mark Derricutt at

As I understand this, what causes cat allergies is an enzyme in cat urine, dander and saliva (the real problem). Light-colored cats seem to have less of the protein for some reason which may partly explain why your wife didn't react to the other one?

The allergies can therefore be reduced by bathing the cat regularly. This may be a little difficult at first but if done correctly the cat soon learns to appreciate the bath.

I have seen this work in the past. It can't hurt to try it, at the very least you'll have the cleanest cat in town ;-)

Posted by Borgar Þorsteinsson at

Any cat I can hold in the palm of my hand is alright by me.

Posted by Sean Neakums at

An MD friend of mine tells me that being allergic to cats isn't really something you overcome with exposure... I adopted Otis about a year and a half ago and either my friend is wrong or my prior alergies were some other form of itchy/scratchy/breaking-out kind of issue. When I first got him, he would cause some mild irritation (he likes to sleep on people's heads and is ridiculously affectionate, but he does have some of the silkiest, dander-free fur I've ever seen on a cat). Now, he really has to angle a stray hair into my eye for it to even mildly irritate. Good look to your wife, Allie sure does look worth the effort.

Posted by Grant Carpenter at

She is precious! My name is also Allie, i've never heard of a cats name being allie. cute.

Posted by Allie Cunningham at

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