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Don Box: Maybe I can sell Sam on supporting CDF over on!!

I'm in.

May I get the template from you? Also looking to get a copy of your updated rrs2 feed.


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You guys are killing me :)

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John: cdf and rss2 templates.

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Run away!  Run away!


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This rocks!  Time to rollback to IE4 and fire up that desktop channel bar.  I can finally get my Disney, PointCast and Sam Ruby news all in one place!

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Mark - cool!  Following your lead, I've updated my template to use the "application/x-netcdf" MIME type.

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AddType application/x-netcdf .cdf

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CDF? What the heck... why not!

Hey, we wouldn't have any fun if folks didn't jump on the bandwagon. Snellspace CDF....... [more]

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Once you've added a CDF channel to your favorites, right-click on it and choose refresh. Then IE will add a submenu with all the items.
I didn't know this was possible.

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CDF is light years ahead of RSS.  The CHANNEL element even has a BASE attribute to resolve relative links. ;)

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OK, I've switched to relative URLs.  Everthing is still working as expected.

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Sjoerd:  And if you hover over the menu items you get the abreviated abstract as a tooltip allowing you to instantly read a snippet of the blog entry.  CDF is pretty cool but it was ahead of its time and having been birthed out of the Evil Empire rather than as a grass roots effort, never evolved the way it should have.  If you really think about it, RSS 0.91 is almost exactly the same as CDF with a few style differences.  Thinking about it now, however, there is absolutely no reason why Microsoft couldn't reconstitute its CDF Subscription support in IE around the RSS format.

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Now in CDF

Don Box asked for it. Sam Ruby complied and then it seems like an avalanche of support suddenly appeared. Oh, well, Blosxom makes it trivial to add so Larry's Log is now available in CDF....

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Yasser's site has a RSS->CDF translator, for those of you who want to read mnot, evhead, or ben via CDF.

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CDF Reloaded

This is hilarious! Everyone (self included) seems to have forgotten what MS were doing with their Channel Definition Format, the...... [more]

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Extra, extra get your wheel, your reinvened wheel

What's the saying? Oh yeah, everything old is new again. Apparently CDF is now retro. Gee, I've been generating CDF...... [more]

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I've been creating and using CDF channels for a while now.

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CDF 'Feed'

I added a CDF feed, which should, if clicked in IE, turn into a sidebar aggregator link. This was an old Microsoft implementation from before the rise of RSS. It’s seeing a bit of a comeback. I’m not quite sure......

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Gad, I remember what agony IE4 team members went through, trying to explain channel stuff to "content partners" and work with them to bring their channels to fruition for when we shipped. Of course all the channels were full of whizzy DHTML and not much content.

I even wrote a CDF or two for personal web stuff I had at the time!

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Whee! Whatever next, an MCF revival?
( etc)

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Dan: if there is an example and a tool that will consume the format, I'll likely support it.

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I have pick up on Yasser Shohouds script and did a full Windows XP CDF reload.

Even if a site has no CDF channel with above script on XP Pro you can convert RSS/RDF feeds to CDF format.

I have found a new channel screen save and tweeked the registry to get the desktop channel bar back.
I managed to tweak Yassers script sothat those RSS feeds with use the wfw:commentsRss element I can automatically convert the comment files to sub-channels.

You see an image of how my explorer looks like view Sam Ruby's site using the explore channel bar.

I'll put up a page this week explaining how to do things.


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That's right!

PDC 2003, the place to ...

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Channel Definition Format is back in the news

The channel definition for this weblog (not Asides) has existed since May 2003 when Mark published his CDF template for MT. See also discussion at of May 2003 and Don Box from today....

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CDF を…覚えていますか?

CDF を覚えている人はいるだろうか。 たとえば このファイル をダウンロードして、デスクトップに保存してみてほしい。 Windows を使っている人なら、アンテナのアイコンが現われるはずだ。 ためしにダブルクリックしてみよう。 あやしげなダイアログボックスが表示されるだろう(キャンセルしといてね)。 右クリックしてみよう。 いっぱいメニューが出てくるはずだ。 エディタで開いてみよう(「右クリック→編集」でもよい)。 タグ名が大文字の見なれない XML ファイルである。 これは XML...

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