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Basic Hygiene

Mark Pilgrim: Validation is an indicator of cluefulness

Basic Hygene

It's a bit like spelling. ;) :P

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Basic Hygene


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Validation == Clue

Sam points to a great article by Mark on validation as an indicator of cluefulness. Quite apart from the issue of mailing list ettiquette (i.e. please try to at least look like you tried to find the answer before asking us), I think that as I move...

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I'm curious - how do posts from my blog wind up here? Are you scraping referrers? I'm fairly sure BlogX doesn't support pingback/trackback, although adding it is on my "the first 32-hour day I get, I'm writing it" list.

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  referer =>
  link type="application/rss+xml" =>
  rss =>

if any such item has a xhtml:body or content:encoded or description, I scan it for hrefs to my weblog.  If I find a match, I grab the description.

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Cool. And completely logical - I do this all the time manually, now that I think about it. Of course, it does make me think twice about linking you! ;)

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