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Visual Gump

A Python implementation of Gump is proceeding, this time with a GUI.

The GUI is a three paned view, much like Gump's HTML output, except a lot more interactive.  The list of projects on the left is a treeview grouped by modules that you can expand or contract and select projects.

The panel on the top right contains all sorts of useful cross reference information.  It is now color coded, so if you prereq a project that isn't installed, that line now shows up as red.  Similar thing on the build order page... you can see the transitive closure of dependencies for a given project, sorted in build order, and the ones that failed are also in red.

The panel at the bottom right starts out with the expanded XML definition for your project (paths resolved, implicit dependencies added, and the like).  But press F5 and a build will occur on the currently selected project, and the output will appear here.  Once the build is complete, the top right panel is updated.

The backspace key acts as a back button.  So you can see what you need to do to build a project, select the first one, build it, and get back.  Repeat until done.

The UI is still very unpolished, but as I said, this tool is now largely functional with respect to builds.

Sam Ruby: A Python implementation of Gump is proceeding, this time with a GUI. I'll definately have to check this out....

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