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Understanding the Web Services Stack

Here's the slides for my half of today's ETCon tutorial.

O'Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference

Sam Ruby: Understanding the Web Services Stack: "Here's the slides for my half of today's ETCon tutorial. " Oh good grief, don't scare me like that! You say "today" and... [more]

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Sam, you are my hero.

Seriously, good talk. Wish I was there.

Posted by Don Box at

Re: slide 50, is dc:date really xsd:string and not xsd:dateTime ?

Posted by Simon Fell at

James: sorry about that.  See you in a few hours.  ;-)

Don: hopefully this time I won't overrun and actually will get to that slide.

Simon: fixed.  Thanks!

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Quick typo on slide 28, etc. "abstactions" should be "abstractions".

Interesting read.

Posted by Adrian Bateman at

Adrian: thanks!

When I give the presentation, I'll tell people to check this page to find the errata.  ;-)

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Nice slides. I admire the goal, but unfortunately, I guess you had to be at the talk to get the full effect. Have you considered annotating the slides with the missing bits provided by your talk? I always thought slides on the web were a great idea, but they need to be repurposed somewhat to really be effective.


Posted by david at

David: I am not sure how I can recreate the presentation.  A lot of my presentation was an attempt to draw out the audience and then react to their questions. 

I started with the outlet picture as it was one that the audience could identify with and quickly lead to the "view source" message which was spread over multiple slides so I could get a show of hands after every choice.

I try to do off the wall things like putting the agenda on slide 11 to keep people on their toes.

My reasoning is that my writings are public and view my weblog I certainly am accessible.  Everything I said in that essay I said first here.  So the key value add of the tutorial was the interactivity.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Thanks, Sam. I understand the difficulty.

I really lament the fact that I can't come out and hear people like you speak more often. One of the things that I lament about weblogs is that it's difficult to get the kind of gestalt experience that the slide talk provides. That is, who is this person and what's his philosophy? Granted, I have a pretty good idea in this case but I've been reading your blog daily for a while now.  The time investment required to garner that from surfing the blog in one sitting with no prior experience is arguably massive.  That said, I'll try to publish some slides later in the week that I've done talks on to demonstrate what I'm talking about with the annotation.

Posted by david at

O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference

Sam Ruby: Understanding the Web Services Stack Had fun presenting with Sam at the O'Reilly ETech conference today. I'm just sorry I couldn't stay for the entire conference. Looked like... [more]

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you need to change your presentation SW you use Sam.

it really detracted from a good talk.

the printouts were yuk.

ps.. you need to put up the code for the book somewhere?

Posted by Ian Holsman at

I agree that the printouts were yuk.

Others have liked the presentation SW.  What didn't you like about it?

FYI: here's the software.  And here's the source to the outlet.

P.S.  What book?  You mean James's riddle?  Take a look at his presentation.  It's PowerPoint.  *shudder*

Posted by Sam Ruby at

re the presentation,
I agree it is a cool technique, but I am comparing it against the powerpoints, keynotes, & openoffice presentations.
I think there is a XUL slideshow thing which will do a very similiar thing (can't seem to find it ATM)

Posted by Ian Holsman at

OSCon slides

Yesterday, Doug Tidwell was not able to make it to ApacheCon, so I filled in his slot.  He was scheduled to reprise his Building a Web service from SOAP to Nuts presentation from last year.  I got a PDF copy of his slides from last year (all 134 of the... [more]

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