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xhtml:body in Radio

Jon Udell: Sam Ruby and Don Box have both demonstrated valid RSS 2.0 feeds that include a <body> element, properly namespaced as XHTML. Quietly, last week, I joined the party.

Way to go Jon!  I'm very much looking forward to your upcoming O'Reilly Network column.


Has soaked up way more time than I'd like, I think I managed to upset pretty much everyone in the process. Anyway, I've settled on the XML based interface, that is contained in the last assembly I published. namespace Syndication.Extensibility {...

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Some very good points made in Jon's piece, though I think it's a bit silly jamming any old XML in and calling it "descriptive markup". We can reasonably assume in this case the implied meaning 'this is the content', but nowhere is it made explicit - no description is given.

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The XHTML namespace seems pretty descriptive to me.

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The semantic blog

I've long dreamed of using RSS to produce and consume XML content. We're so close. RSS content is HTML, which is almost XHTML, a gap that HTML Tidy can close. In current practice, the meat of an RSS item appears in the <description> tag, either...

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