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Gordon Weakliem: While I accept that a large part of the problem with XML may be the popular APIs for dealing with it, I'm not sure Tim's answers are on target. Tim does draw the parallel to socket libraries in talking about interop. Sockets are still a pain in the neck to code at the socket level, I just hardly ever have to do it anymore. Maybe I'll feel the same about XML when I can substitute "XML" for "socket".

What's good about sockets isn't that you have to program at that level, it's that you can.  The same thing should be true about xml.  The problem comes in when people fool themselves into believing that xml should only be produced by programs for consumption by other programs.

I don't follow. Who else should be consuming XML besides software?

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I'm more of the mind that people get in trouble with XML when they expect that humans can reliably produce well-formed XML.  Some of my comments were the product of throwing together a sample app doing XML messaging - not that it was hard to do with DOM, just that it's not especially clear what the code's doing.  Having a margarita at lunch probably had something to do with it, too :-)

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Dare: just this morning I found it very useful that I could read the SOAP faults directly.  I debugged the 'curl' interface to my weblog by typing "sh curl" and visually inspecting the output.

People seem to forget this all the time.

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