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Membership has its privileges

I'm working on a membership registration service for intertwingly.  At the moment, it simply replies that all ids are unavailable, but it will shortly send out confirmation emails and process responses.

Details on what I intend this service to be for can be found on the registration page.  Feedback welcome.

Do "subscription services" mean syndication services as well?

Posted by Sterling Hughes at

Will whatever comment posting API you decide to support account for user IDs and authentication?

PS: Your spell checker needs to learn that "API" is not a typo. :)

Posted by Dare Obasanjo at

Stirling: Details on what I intend this service to be for can be found on the registration page.

P.S.  Check back tomorrow for more details.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Addendum dictionary

Due to persistant prodding by Dare, I've created an addendum dictionary.  Leave comments here if there are particularly troublesome words that you would like ...

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I'm sorry, userid "chanezon" is unavailable. Please try another id.
What do you mean not available ?
I'm the only geek in my family and we're the only one to use that name.
Did you pre-register me by any chance ?-)
Or rae there constraints on the userids that are not explicit on the form ?

Posted by Patrick Chanezon at

You need a privacy policy.

Posted by Mark at

Not the first time I don't read one of your post carefuly enough :-)
I look forward to registration: a feature that would let me remove my previous stupid comment would come in handy just right now !

Posted by Patrick Chanezon at

Patrick: At the moment, it simply replies that all ids are unavailable

Sheesh.  I'm beginning to wonder if anybody actually reads my weblog entries any more.  ;-)

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Membership has its privileges... [more]

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Mark: can't I simply adopt Scott McNealy's?  ;-)

Posted by Sam Ruby at

I double-dog-dare you to use some of the language from dive into mark premium (specifically the "freeloaders") part.

Posted by Mark at

Mark - trust me, that had crossed my mind.  ;-)

Posted by Sam Ruby at

It would be nice if the form retained input when registration fails due to unavailabale ids or whatever. Yes I did read the blog and I do know that is expected :-)

I wonder if the ability to update comments a good idea?

Posted by Conor MacNeill at

Conor: re: retaining input: done.

re: update comments... time will tell.  For now, lets call this a long term plan.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Maybe update coupled with a revision control system, like Twiki did with its RCS support (for each wiki page you have a list of revisions and can look at the differences, or the older versions). Thus as a comment poster you can control the final content of a comment post, but the history of your revisions will be there for all to see.

Posted by Patrick Chanezon at

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