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Timothy Appnel: I have a new appreciation for the elegeance and simplicity of XML markup. Not that I didn't have one before its just grown the size of the Empire state building and illuminated in neon.

Obviously, I'm currently embarking on a similar mission, and share Tim's appreciation for XML.  My goals, however, are much lower than Tim's: I'm not trying to create a full markup language.  I'm applying 80/20 whenever I can: e.g., unordered lists are enough.  The times when full functionality is required, I'll  personally use full XHTML.

I'm currently looking into textile for inspiration.

For the record: I'm not trying to create a full markup language in the least either. I have a different 80/20 line because I'm looking a broader base of users -- particularly non-tech saavy types many of which are MT users.

I've received a few feature requests where I've answered the submittor the same point you make -- use XHTML.

I think this version of the notation is pretty close to where TikiText is going to sit for awhile. Its comparable to the features offered by Wiki notations and goes a bit further based on my needs for authoring weblog entries (for instance nested blockquotes) and those I have observed. I also thought it would be nice (and not too difficult) to design this tool in such a way that made it easier author semantic and valid XHTML. I'm still working on the semantic part (which will remain option) but some common mistakes/omissions that made with XHTML are automated. Also "bad form" like overlapping tags is ignored preserving XHTML compliance.

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Simple markup. I'm currently looking into textile for inspiration.[Sam Ruby] Interesting little thing, there are times when dialogs etc are very cumbersome and a little bit of markup is much easier to use....

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