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Added wiki like support to comments

The following is now supported in comments:

What wiki processor do you use ?

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Costin: just a few regex'es.  Look at the sanitize function in

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If you are looking for software that is a weblog + wiki, try SnipSnap.

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Simple markup

Obviously, I'm currently embarking on a similar mission, and share Tim's appreciation for XML.  My goals, however, are much lower than Tim's: I'm not trying to create a full markup language.  I'm applying 80/20 whenever I can: e.g., unordered lists ar... [more]

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Comments are now enabled on this site and on Well-Formed Web. This version of RESTLog also uses the Cheetah templating engine. I will make a new release of the software after a day or two of testing. Update: Comments now include Sam's Wiki-Like...

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Sorry for the weird postings

I switched almost completely to "mail" blogging - with Sam's wiki. That means it's much easier to post - which... [more]

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RFP: Preview API

In processing a comment API request, I may end up grabbing excerpts, formatting, etc.  I can also spell check.  Would there be interest in a variant of the comment API which simply returns back what would have been posted instead of... [more]

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