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Costin Manolache: I got Sam's comment feed - and it imediately broke my agregator. The problem is quite simple - I use the link of the item as a key, and in the comment feed all comments use the same key as the article. And the same title.

I can't make unique titles, but I can make unique links. Try again, and see if you like the results any better. As for your comments on "standards", simply let me know what format you would like me to support and I will see what I can do.

RSS for comments and ids

I got Sam's comment feed - and it imediately broke my agregator. The problem is quite simple - I use... [more]

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Syndication "standards"

While reading I couldn't stop but compare (again) with the real standards - NNTP, MIME, etc. The ESF format... [more]

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OK, I fixed the bug introduced in the process... the URLs should look fine now.

It seems to me that you are in a complaining mood. So, I will wait a while before I consider changing it back. ;-)

In any case, for the formats that are extensible, one can add new elements by simply defining a new namespace.

Furthermore, I'm not sure I understand your requirement for grouping, but it seems that the following would do the trick:


Posted by Sam Ruby at

I'm curious as to how the GUID broke an aggregator. I've been following Sam's main feed and comment feed in BottomFeeder - - without any problems at all.

Posted by James Robertson at

Sam: you're right, I can use split and extract the ID of the original posting.
You're also right about the "complaining mood" :-) - navigating through all those formats and variations is a bit frustrating.

It was my mistake for assuming the link should be used as an ID ( the first time ). What I need is to detect new posting (of any kind, comments, updates, etc) - and the MD5 of the content seems the best solution to know something is new, regarless of link.

I also need to corelate comments/updates with the original posting - so I can put a Re: and "In-Reply-To:" in the message so threading works. I can use the "#" for that.

Regarding the iCalendar/iCard format - I'll try to write a movable type template, but Evolution or Outlook or palm can export one ( not very pretty - they include a lot of extra stuff )

Posted by Costin at

This is all really academic. The syndication standard will be whatever Google chooses (via Blogger). One million weblogs can't be wrong.

Posted by Mark at

Heh. Unless Steve gets a lot more cycles to work on it, and possibly some better advice about how to do things, I don't think so. More of a test case for how liberal you are in what you accept than a standard. If I was writing an aggregator right now, I would be checking for "Generated by Blogger v5.0" and wrapping anything I got from a feed with it in an iframe to sandbox it.

Posted by Phil Ringnalda at

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