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I are a good speler

I've got to haev a play with this...

That's really neat. I wonder how hard it would be to get a right-mouse-button "replace word with" option working, like in Word etc.

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Sam Ruby has enabled spell checking for the preview comment tool on his blog. I wonder how it works... I've lost track of the scripting language Sam uses for Intertwingly (PHP? Python? Perl?) but I know PHP can be compiled with support for the ...

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Simon, the language du jour is Python.

The code is here. Makes use of aspell.

I haven't quite figured out the UI I would like for selecting replacements.

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If you are looking for some inspiration for the UI, then I recommend looking at SquirrelMail. SquirrelMail's spell check UI is very usable.

Can I use snippets of your code for my own scripts? What is the license for your code?

I have some comments on your code. How would you like me to communicate them to you?

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Gary, what license would you like? I am only interested in indemnification, not particularly in limiting your uses. Nor am I particularly concerned about attribution.

As far as comments go, my preference is that they be communicated as comments here or on your weblog.

It is also clear that we have similar tastes and interests... if it makes sense for us to collaborate, I'm up for that. Otherwise, co-evolution and mutual stealing works for me too.

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MIT License sounds like its for you:

"No rights reserved, no liability for damages, just retain this copyright."

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I are a good speler [Sam Ruby] very slick!...

Excerpt from Simon Fell at

License: I would like a license with no limits on use. Giving attribution is fine with me. The above mentioned MIT license works for me.

Comments on code: I will comment here if you have an entry on the specific area of code. Otherwise, I will post on my weblog.

Collaboration: Collaboration is fine with me. Do you have specific ideas on how to move forward?

Posted by Gary Burd at

No limits on use sounds good to me. In particular, I would like to be able to contribute whatever I produce to the OSAF or the ASF without strings. If our code commingles, I'd very much like this to remain to be true of the result.

Truth be told, I'm considering dropping my use of the Ultraliberal RSS parser for this very reason.

As to collaboration: if you have comments on my code, that sounds like a good place to start. If we find middle ground, we could host the result on one of our two servers, or simply set up a project on SourceForge. And then see where it goes from there.

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Last week I commented that Sam Ruby's spell checking feature could be made even funkier with the addition of a javascript powered "corrections" menu. I spent a few hours this afternoon playing with the idea, and I've now got quite a nice proof of ...

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RFP: Preview API

In processing a comment API request, I may end up grabbing excerpts, formatting, etc.  I can also spell check.  Would there be interest in a variant of the comment API which simply returns back what would have been posted instead of... [more]

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Concurrency bug in Mombo

Mombo can lose concurrent comment posts. Here's the section of code in mombo/ used to create a comment file: line 1: cmtid = time.mktime(time.gmtime()) line 2: while (os.path.exists('%s%s-%d.cmt' % \ (,entry,cmtid))): cmtid+=1...

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my nayme is george

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Hi Sir, I am Kevser. I attend to Beykent University department of Mathematic and Computing. I have an project that about Spell Checker and Corrector. I found your source code but I cannot find dictionary that you used for this spell checker program. Could you inform me about where you used the dictionary. I have to prepare this program in 2 days.
Thanks a lot.
See you....

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