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Blogger Arithmetic

script + template = weblog

Whoah, how much cleaner can that get? :)

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The Website Formula

Most newbies to the web dev arena don't undestand what Sam Ruby points out... Most larger sites, weblogs, or in general well-done pages follow this formula: script + template = site In Sam's example it equals weblog, but hey, templates and scripting...

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Filtering based on dates

It seems a few people liked yesterday's simple script. Now, lets add the ability to filter based on date, as specified in the path in the URL. This involves, as you might expect, parsing the PATH_INFO and filtering the files based on this ...

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Gary Burd has some similar code using Blosxom's storage model and his own templating engine. Hopefully soon he will correct his <link> tag to correctly point to his rss so that my extractor code will automatically pick this up.

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Very cool. This comes in on the ultra-lazy web. I sit on my bum and think that I need to find a python based templating engine to use in RESTLog. I'm in Chicago with no net access to search or to blog about it. Now I return and find you posted this on the day I was thinking about it. Thanks.

Maybe you can get a job channeling
offline netizens :)

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Sam, I fixed the link tag an many other problems on my site. The extractor should work now.

Joe, there's a list template engines on the PythonInfo Wiki. You are also welcome to use my template engine.

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Dorothea asked about experiences with Cheetah. I am currently in the process of re-doing the templating mechanism in RESTLog, throwing out my hand made templating scheme and replacing it with Cheetah and it's been a great success. I initially...

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Cheetah looks amazing. Wish I'd known about it before I went and invented my own damn templating language for my day project. Then again, mine scored me big points with my boss, who said it reminded him of tag libraries in JSP. Mmmm, JSP: the pinnacle of object-oriented technology (hi Andy!).

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Since Cheetah is a Python port of Velocity, the following is quite appropriate here: YMTD.

The only think I would add is that while I agree with the Cheetah vs Velocity points, the current implementation of Velocity is better at error handling.

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Blogger Arithmetic. script + template = weblog [Sam Ruby] Oh so beautifully simple and clean!...

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Scolding Joe

All I can say is that statements like this are not the way to get my cooperation. While a number of intelligent people have contributed to the thread mentioned above, I still believe that creative solutions exist to all the "problems" outlined there.... [more]

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Site Code

Here's the code that I use to render this site. I am publishing this code for the geeks who might be interested in what I have done. Because I do not provide documentation or support, I do not expect that others will use this code. This code uses...

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