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Truth in Advertising

In order to help people label their content appropriately, I humbly offer the following icons:

by: If you promise to make me a star, I'll let you use me.


\$ I can't figure out how to make money on this, so I'm going to do my best to make sure that you can't either.


= A sterile offspring, often characterized by stubbornness.


C A fecund offspring, with genetic code that is transmitted to all of its progeny.



Sam Ruby, Truth in advertising.... [more]

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Pick your license!

Adding onto Sam's parody on Creative Commons: I've read Creative Commons and Sam's website and I don't know what to... [more]

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... sorry about that, Sam - your entry wasn't rebuilding ;-)

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Creative Commons explained

Sam Ruby: Truth in advertising Comment...

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Would you mind providing some examples?

I'm having trouble figuring out the context.

Feel free to tag my weblog (stalled due to two-fold Radio Userland crash) ... mule??

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It was a joke. The context was the Creative Commons Licenses, which I perceived some people as taking a WEE bit too seriously. Not that licensing isn't a serious matter...

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Thanks! Feel a bit silly, but appreciate the levity.

I also appreciated your overview on pingback, trackback, etc.

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Rights vs Responsibilities

There are all sorts of interesting responses to Ken's inner thoughts on openness. My point of view seems to be closest to Sterling's. In fact, my thoughts on the subject are very much related to, and again quite distinct from, Ken's thoughts on rights.... [more]

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[from mlinksva] Sam Ruby: Truth in Advertising


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