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RSS Trackback module

Abe Fetig: So, is anybody using the RSS Trackback module yet?

I am now. Generally I wait until somebody finds a compelling use case for a feature, and you certainly have a humdinger. I kinda suspect that this is the type of thing that Jon Udell would like to see. ;-)

What does a Trackback URI identify?

So being the Web-head that I am, I invoked GET on it.... I note that Paul, Ben, and Mena had written about what could be returned, which is bang on from my POV.... [more]

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Is there an equivilent RSS pingback module ?

Posted by Simon Fell at

<p><q>Is there an equivilent RSS pingback module ?</q></p>

<p>I'm drafting one up now to compliment the TrackBack module. Feel free to drop me a line if you have suggestions or ideas.</p>

Posted by justin klubnik at

a draft is located at:

Posted by justin klubnik at

I'm not sure where to comment on that draft, but it seems to me that *typically* people define one pingback server per channel, but different trackback resources per item.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Isn't pingback:target redundent, shouldn't the targert be the rdf:about contents ?

Posted by Simon Fell at

sam: as far defining it per item instead of per channel, i thought only defining one server per channel would restrict one's ability to aggregate and republish data from multiple sites. if it is defined per item, i can put items from a number of sites, all of which may have different servers, into one channel and include the pingback information.

simon: yes, it is (most likely) redundant. however, in a format such as RSS 2.0 there is no rdf:about, and the guid element isn't always a permalink. adding pingback:target seemed like a decent solution. what we be another alternative solutions for accomodating RSS 2.0?

also, it seems like the rdf:about, and the pingback:target could be different in some situations. for example, rdf:about might be:, and pingback:target might be: i don't know why anyone would do it that way, but they might/can i suppose.

Posted by justin klubnik at

XML::TrackBack - A Perl Module.

Inspired by recent discussion and experimentation with TrackBack around the net, I've developed a Perl module encapsulating its core functionality. XML::TrackBack is a fairly rapid "OO modularization" of the TrackBack functionality (with hasty documentation) found in the reference implementation and specification. My motivation in developing this module is to make experimentation and implementation of TrackBack functions a bit easier.... [more]

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Trackbacks and Pingbacks II

Wari sent me an e-mail this morning explaining trackbacks and pingbacks, the key distinction being that trackbacks are client-server and pingbacks are peer-to-peer between servers.  So Hep could support trackbacks, but not pingbacks. Wari even...

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