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Ken CoarSo I've concluded, at least for the moment, that I'm going to mostly just have my own original content here, rather than a list of links. [2002/12/31]

Ken Coar: Just read this a moment ago. Fascinating! ... More later; I just wanted to record this before I forgot. [2003/01/02]

Welcome to the collective.  Joe created a tasty morsel.  You picked it up and put a copy in your pile, with a rich pheromone trail back to the source.  Now others can do likewise.  This even works with two year old nuggets that are quickly picked  up by others and dropped into their piles.

Sounds inefficient, but often incurs less obligation than targetted mailing lists.

P.S.  Check your e-mail for in invite.  Oh, and by the way, your RSS feed is valid.

eh. if you sent it between 06h00 and
10h45 est this morning, please re-send.
mozilla feasted on my mail from that
period, and crapped out nothing usable
from it.

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Originally sent Wed, 01 Jan 2003 10:46:54 -0500; just resent now.

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