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Welcome Rodent of Unusual Size!

Fellow ASF director, Ken Coar has a blog!  Though it looks like he as yet to learn about referrer logs or rss.  He's a quick learner though, and I'm sure he will be teaching us a thing or two on these subjects quickly.  Meanwhile, he does have permalinks, (note to Andy: look for the thingies that look like quite substantial chain links).

Hmm, I wonder if we should invite Ken to lunch?  Hmmm, Ken and Andy in the same room?

Update: It looks like Ken has been outtedLOL!

I don't think they were there before I noted their lack. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure... However... You DO know the extreme duress I was under when I was typing that.. I was b*tching about Linux installs... At least the Linux drivers that wouldn't install gave me a hint as to why..

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Maybe ken has a problem being in the same room with me, I never have had a problem with Ken personally. The list of people whom I can't stand to be in the same room with is pretty short.

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Andy - I thought it would have been obvious that I was joking as I specifically recall you seeking out to meet Ken in Vegas.

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Ahh. My sense of humor seems to be in poor order at the moment.

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PHP for data-driven and live content

.kenent a:hover { border: thin solid black; }I use PHP extensively on almost all of my Web pages. (Just about the only ones that don’t use it are on servers that don’t have it installed. Mine, of course, all have PHP installed.) In a lot of cases I...

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