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Posts by citation.

Mark Pilgrim: Posts by citation.  What a cool idea!  Done.

There seem to be some bugs. Go search for my name. It only shows one. However I've got multiple more recent citings right here on the front page... So Its missings some. Secondly, the nav bar on this page where you enter the comment doesn't include it. Me thinks some unit tests should be failing! Man, my experience is just not what it should be. Get to work, what do you think we pay you for? Gosh. ;-)

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Love it! I wish I had a consistent post format like you; it would have made my job easier. I love the flexibility of Bloxsom (I assume this is Bloxsom-based?) to create composite pages like this. Really must look into migrating after the new year.

Posted by Mark at

Never fear, I have more tricks up my sleeve. We'll see if you can replicate them so quickly.

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Dunno if this is a bug or by design but misses a cite from your quickies post from a couple of days ago at

I assume the reason for this is similar to the Slashback/Quickies submitters don't get any karma issue on Slashdot:

Either way, neat trick.

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Andy: thanks for the bug report. Keep them coming. Meanwhile, this one is fixed. My input data is not as consistent as it might appear...

Mark, yes this is a heavily modified blosxom. I'm not going to even try to match you feature for feature, but this one very closely matches the way I search for data in my e-mail.

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click on this one
he's blank...

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or this one:

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0xdecafbad is now les orchard
.net guy is now brad wilson

I'll look into supporting multiple citations per blog entry.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

What is it about searching for data in your email? Can you provide some detail on what you look for and how you do it? (or maybe even just what you look for).

Posted by Duncan Wilcox at

You still have problems with

I assume being different from is on purpose?

Posted by Dare Obasanjo at

Duncan, I may not remember a name of a particular book, but I may remember that a certain person recommended it to me. If that recommendation was in e-mail, I may be able to find quickly it by simply sorting my email by the person's name.

The same is true on the web. I may remember that Jon Udell (for example) said something that caught my interest. But even narrowing my search to his writings will cover a large area. If, however, I had cited it in my weblog, I can quickly narrow down my search.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Thanks, Dare! I've now mapped these entries to les orchard and brad wilson too.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Whew, so much attention given to mapping and munging me - my ears are ringing :)

Must add this to the list of things I want to revamp on my blog for its 1st birthday.

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Thanks, Andy. I've now added a sweeping:

$cite =~ s/[^\w\s]//g;

This will cause all non-word and non-space characters to be removed.

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Tiny steps and big leaps

Challenged by Clay Shirky, Ben Hammersley has created a special post to collect trackbacks related specifically to the LazyWeb. What is the LazyWeb? Well, do you have an idea and need help with technical implemtation? Do you need technology that doesn't something for you, but you're not a coder? Capture the idea as a LazyWeb request and ping Ben's special site. Chances are the request will be filled before the ink is dry on the page. Ben's idea, a demonstration of LazyWeb in action, is great. I agree with Poetic Geek's delight in the concept, though I'm not sure that I'm "...giggling with girlish delight" over it. I think we're seeing a new form of open source development, based on technology developed for the community and its immediate, expressed needs. A case of community searching for technology rather than technology on the hunt for a community. I would like to see additional efforts associated with this. For instance, it would be great if people would flag weblog posts that provide solutions for LazyWeb requests, or that provide technical help, especially within the weblog community. A case in point is my MT Comment How-To, further refined by other contributions in ... [more]

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Show Me the Code!

I publish the code for my weblog, such as it is. Search for "cite" in blosxom. The index page is generated by a separate script. You can see the similarity between the two... given how quickly this was thrown together (I had no advanced ... [more]

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Marky Markup

Earlier in the week Mark Pilgrim chucked a hissy, and, based on his dislike for the direction that the...

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Well Formed Writing

It can be done with  SGML.  It can be done with regular expressions.  But, in general, I agree.  Converging on well formed XML will encourage  spontaneous integration.... [more]

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